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Anushka Sharma, Shahrukh Khan And Sonam Kapoor Express Their Support For ISRO After Chandrayaan 2 Hiccup!

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No one or nothing was ever accomplished without occasionally bumping into a few hiccups. It could be the small things – getting full marks in a test at school – or the big things – getting a job you really, really wanted. It’s bound to come with a few volleys, some curveballs and that’s okay. That’s how life is, right? So, when something of a global magnitude like Chandrayan 2, suffers from a setback, it only gives you the strength to go at it again, stronger. And we hope that’s exactly what ISRO will do.

Late last Friday night, every Indian was glued to their television screens, eagerly waiting to witness an event that would put India on the space map as the 4th country to ever accomplish a soft landing on the lunar surface. Despite the minor setback during the final moments of the landing, Chandrayaan 2 has made us all proud. Setbacks are nothing to be ashamed of, this message clearly came through when the whole nation- citizens, celebrities and the government alike stood in solidarity to celebrate what was essentially a 95% win.

Except for a few clowns, people from all over the world congratulated ISRO, but the ones that touched our hearts and gave us some major patriotic feels were our celebrities who took to Twitter to express their pride.

In a sweet post, Shahrukh Khan took to Twitter to share a message of hope and belief. We completely agree, this is just the journey not the destination.

In his post, Akshay Kumar expressed his pride and confidence in our scientists. We certainly will rise again! And Akshay will probably get a movie out of it too.

In a lovely post, Amitabh Bachchan said our failure had a hint of success in it. The post came along with a heart-warming image of the country hugging ISRO chief K Silvan.

Anushka Sharma shared an emotional tweet congratulating the ISRO scientists for their achievements. We really are taking steps forward.


Anupam Kher, posted a video of him reciting a poem addressed directly at Vikram, the lander. He requested everyone to retweet the poem enough times to reach Vikram.

Karan Johar wrote a post commemorating ISRO. He applauded the ISRO scientists calling them the nation’s most genius minds.

In a heartwarming post, Farhan Akhtar told us an ultimate truth “Success and failure come and go but determination remains constant.” He also mentions being deeply touched by PM Modi’s gesture to console a weeping K Sivan. If we had lost such a mission by a fraction, we would be crying too.

Riteish Deshmukh says we shall overcome this and we completely agree with him, what we have achieved was a big win for our nation.

Sonam Kapoor shares a picture of an emotional ISRO chief hugging PM Modi during a breakdown and we all felt for him. The pressure of a billion eyes watching has got to be high. But that’s okay. Upwards and onwards.


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