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Anushka Sharma Is Comfortable With Taking A Break And We Could Learn Something From Her

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The thing about doing what you love is that you end up working all the time. Or at least thinking about it. The incessantly checking emails. It can be taxing. When passion turns into profession, the lines get blurry and the concept of work-life-balance is lost on you. As a result of which, I and many others who are in pursuit of their dreams, are often worked up and tired all the time. Hey, at least I will be bagging the ‘Employee Of The Year’ award with my dark circles and grumpiness and that should count for something, right?

But a burnout isn’t limited to just us, though we are the ones groaning about it the most. It often happens to seasoned actors and actresses from tinsel town as well. And Anushka Sharma might just be having a moment of simply wanting to take a break. The actress has had 3 back-to-back releases, and since then, hasn’t signed on a film.

She has had a swift transition from being just an actress to being a producer as well, and she feels that she has reached a point in her career where she doesn’t need to pick up films to ‘just fill time’. And we think that is something everybody needs to learn from her. Sometimes taking a break from what you know best is not just important but also okay.

Anushka Sharma, in her recent interview with Hindustan Times, shared how working on multiple projects has kept her busy in the last three years. “In the past three years, I have been working in a fashion which was very hectic and I have done roles which were extremely demanding. In one calendar year to do a film like PariSui Dhaaga and Zero, it’s not easy and takes a toll on you. All are different, and required a lot of prep. You feel you want to sit back and take a call.”

She further commented, “We have been producing shows for streaming platforms, a film too. Those are things that also require my time, and in my case, it’s very different. I am an actor at the same time. There are things that I do behind the scenes, which obviously people are not going to be privy to.” She is using this time, not just to focus on herself and pursue interests outside of her work, but also for being a doting wife to husband, Virat Kohli, and touring with him for his matches.

We are so glad women like Anushka are feeling secure enough to take a break and know that when they do come back, in a better mind and emotional space, it will be with a bang!


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