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Anu Malik May Return To TV After Getting Fired From Indian Idol. Slow Clap For This Industry That Doesn’t Care About Women

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Once a mistake, twice a habit and thrice? Just not learning a lesson. Bollywood hasn’t cared about its women but we knew that. Then the #MeToo movement happened and a few heads rolled, so there was a ray of hope. But turns out, we were being lead on. We were being made to think that perhaps something would change. But you know what, nothing is. And it frustrates us. And we want to throw a fit but we know that nothing will happen. We’re talking here about the entertainment industry providing work to yet another #MeToo accused, namely Anu Malik, after he got fired from his show Indian Idol on charges of sexual misconduct.

The #MeToo movement that led to the unfolding of several sexual misconduct scandals and outed big names with heavy charges, kickstarted in India after actress Tanushree Dutta came forward with allegations on once co-star Nana Patekar. Furthermore, big names like Sajid Khan, Kailash Kher, Alok Nath and the likes emerged and for a while, they were fired and were offered no work. But only for a little while. It’s not even been a year into their token social and professional exile and we have already started seeing the perpetrators and accused making appearances again. One of whom is Anu Malik, who had been called a ‘sexual predator’ and ‘pedophile’ by singer Shweta Pandit. Sona Mohapatra also later came and accused the 58-year old composer for sexual harassment. 

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Soon after the news about his misconduct surfaced, he was fired from the show he used to be a judge on, Indian Idol, and for a while there, we were fooled. It restored our faith in the entertainment industry, or so we thought. But turns out we may have been a little too quick to pass that judgement because clearly we were wrong. Word on the block is that the singer/accused molester will now be seen once again seen appearing on TV with lyricist Sameer in a special episode dedicated to the songs written and composed by the duo. And we just can’t roll our eyes enough. 

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To all the young girls & women who are coming out with their experiences with this creep, journalists, ‘fans’ & even kids from college, know that you are not alone. This guy, #KailashKher is a serial predator & has been for years as are many others like Anu Malik in the industry. I cannot be tweeting about everyone cus I work 18 hour work days & have a life to live & breathe in. Also I cannot comment on many others basis heresay. That would be unfair. (Many journalists have been asking me for stories thinking that I’m most likely to ‘spill the beans’. I’m not) It is important that we stick to facts & our personal experiences to make this a serious & credible movement to help clean a system & lopsided power structure. It is just a start but an important one. #TimesUp #India #Change

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Once again, the industry has managed to stoop down or perhaps carry on its legacy of letting people down by abetting those who must be shunned away for good. First it was Nana Patekar, then Alok Nath by being given movies one of which was in fact about the very movement he was called out in, and now it is Anu Malik. Guess Bollywood just doesn’t seem to learn or maybe doesn’t want to learn, but the question is, is all of this really worth coming at the cost of justice that has already been denied ? Not only are they setting back the movement that took years to come along, but also mocking all the victims out there by implying that the outed will always walk away unscathed. For even the little reputation damage that they may have suffered, gets alleviated because they are welcomed back into the industry. 

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It is time that we realise that we owe the society we live in a sense of social and moral responsibility. And working with perpetrators or those who have wronged others will only send a singular message out to the world, one that screams for it to be okay, which it is not. We don’t have to be in thick of it to realise how grave the situation is and what our course of action should be. But considering Bollywood doesn’t seem to be taking a hint, we’ll put it out in loud and clear words, aiding the accused is and must not be an option. Period. 

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