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Anshula Kapoor Shares A Screenshot Of Her Family Whatsapp Group Chat, And It Is Relatable AF!

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Out of all the things that I often wonder about, I fantasize about the kind of life my favorite celebs live the most. From their morning routine to their shopping picks to their personal vacations. But, if there is one thing that I can do without needing to let my imagination run much further for, it is what their WhatsApp family group must be like. And yes, I have thought about that too. You see, every family group on WhatsApp is ultimately a culmination of painfully un-funny forwards, greetings and then, of course, a logbook of everyone’s whereabouts at all times. A fact that has indeed been proven true for even the most reputed family in Bollywood – The Kapoors after Anshula Kapoor shared a screenshot of their family group chat.

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Allowing us a peep in their lives through a snippet of their WhatsApp group, Anshula Kapoor recently shared a screenshot where all the Kapoor Kids – Anshula, Janhvi Kapoor, Khushi, and Arjun along with their dad Boney Kapoor can be seen updating on the group the status of their boarding and landing from the airport. And honestly. we could relate to it on so many levels. Except, of course, the part where everyone from the family takes so many flights.

You see, every family group eventually always turns into a tracking and update pad, where everyone is just filling each other in about their whereabouts and making sure they’ve safely reached where they needed to be. And looks like it is just the same for the Kapoors as well. Considering how busy their schedules might run and often in different cities or countries, we could totally understand the vibe of the chat, without even having to read more of it. In fact, the part where Janhvi is cutely nicknamed Jaanu, is also proof that no matter a celebrity status or not, some things always stay the same.

Currently, in Amristar, Janhvi is kickstarting the shoot for her upcoming film Dostana 2 while Arjun Kapoor would be next seen in Panipat.

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