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Another Witness Takes To The Stand In The Harvey Weinstein Trial And It’s Horrifying. And To Know He Was Enabled By A Woman.

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Harvey Weinstein, a name that once used to be associated to great cinema and movies like Pulp Fiction has come to become a name that feels more of a cuss word. Having been accused by over a 100 women for assault and rape over the years, Harvey Weinstein was one of the first men who got his name ousted during the beginning of the worldwide spread #MeToo movement that encouraged women to come out with their personal stories of trauma and unmask the perpetrators who live among us. And they did. And as the trial goes on, the details of Weinstein assaults are tumbling out and it’s horrific.

With a parade of women coming forward with cases and allegations of Harvey coming onto them, manipulating them and forcing them into submitting every sort of sexual act, Harvey has quite evidently disgusted us. Only recently, Jessica Mann testified against the movie mogul of Hollywood, giving out horrific graphic details of their relationship. Now another woman took the stand to share her side of the story.

Lauren Young, who is the sixth and final witness in the Harvey Weinstein case recently gave her testimony in full about the extent to which Harvey had gone into sexually intimidating and exploiting her. She started off by saying how she was made to meet Weinstein through Claudia Salinas, who was Weinstein’s good friend and had shared the intention of discussing a script with Claudia and Weinstein. Lauren then shared how the meeting that was supposed to happen in a lounge was eventually continued in his suite, for he had claimed he had to get ready for the Tony Awards. And it is there, that Harvey had come onto Lauren.

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She described it by saying how she was led to the washroom, where Claudia had locked it from the outside while Harvey quickly undressed himself and went in to take the shower. She said, “It was the quickest I’ve ever seen anybody undress,” she then also added in context of Claudia how, “I felt so trapped…I started backing up away from him,” as he made his way to her in the bathroom.

She said, “The fact that this girl had invited me here and (then) closed the door and didn’t come in and left me there, that’s when I realized…,” as she continued to narrate the incident. “He got right in front of me and was saying, ‘We’re just going to talk, how am I going to know if you can act?…He unzipped and pulled down my dress, and I’m saying ‘no no no’ and he’s just carrying on a conversation saying ‘this is what all actresses do…He was pinching my nipple and grabbing hard on my breast, and I couldn’t move,” said Lauren.

She shared how the producer stopped only after he finished and how she had stayed mum then, out of fear of his ‘power’ in the industry. Clearly, the intimidating techniques and pattern Harvey employed here, were effective, plunging victims into the depths, making them fear the violence if they spoke up.

But what alarms us more is the fact that Claudia Salinas, who had posed as a friend and work contact, being in the know of what was going down in the next room, rather than intervening and stopping it, was the one who enabled such a sexual assault on Lauren Young. And no matter how repulsed we feel by Harvey Weinstein as we read through another testimony of an aching victim, we are more disappointed in one woman failing another, and for what?

Guess it’s not just the men us women need to stay vary of, because if women too are becoming party into such acts of sexual manipulation and exploitation, maybe there is really no hope left in this world for us.

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