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Anil Kapoor Says He Misses Doing Kissing Scenes. That’s Awkward But Here’s Why It’s Also Great

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While most of us strut around like we have achieved enlightenment and we know everything, we are, as a matter of fact, quite clueless about most things in life. In fact, our society fundamentally functions on norms formed by simply just scratching the surface. For instance, the concept of monogamy is almost unanimously accepted as the only way to go about relationships in our culture. That a lot of people don’t end up really implementing it is a whole different story. Only those who are really woke will admit that you do feel attracted to people outside your relationship; whether you act on it or not is another thing.

Similarly, we refuse to look at physical intimacy for what it is. We don’t go around saying ‘hey I just feel like kissing because that feels great!’ We pretend that we have to be in love to do that and if not that, then at least drunk so we can blame it later on vodka.

Even while I write these controversial opinions down, I know while a section of the readers will agree with me, a certain section will think what this writer is high. But Anil Kapoor can say anything.. He is known to not mince his words and get away with the craziest of comments with no harm, thanks to his humour. Recently, he got cheeky with his comments during Malang’s trailer launch. The film which also stars Aditya Roy Kapur and Disha Patani dropped its trailer which is brimming with kissing scenes between the pair.

So when a reporter asked him if he misses such scenes, he wittingly replied, “Tu kya chahta hai, ki ghar pe mujhe joote padein? Ghar mein Sonam hai, Rhea hai, Sunita hai… Magar obviously, bura toh lagta hai thoda bohot.” He basically said that he doesn’t want to get beaten up at home by opening up about these things but then also ended up saying that he misses doing kissing scenes in movies.

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I mean, aren’t actors just doing their job? Most actors will tell you that the intimate scenes are so mechanical and you’re so awkward in front of a camera, arousal is the last thing on your mind. But Kapoor here seems to have quite enjoyed it in his jawaani (though he says he is still young!) But it’s great that he has been vocal about enjoying kissing and feeling attraction even when married. I mean sure he was kidding, but he is known to throw truth bombs disguised as jokes.

Anil Kapoor, who is 63 years old, shared a kiss with co-star Surveen Chawla in TV series 24 and it wasn’t well received. However he has been quite unabashed about it and claimed that it was needed in the script. It’s great that he is open-minded and unorthodox. It’s amazing that he doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind. But seriously, I am confused because he made it sound like Bollywood actors are kissing for fun. Or are they? Have we been lied to all this while?

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At this point, I don’t know what to feel but if I were an actress that he had kissed in a movie, I would be quite grossed out by this. But okay, let’s just try to take this with a pinch of salt. See! that’s how he gets away with almost anything he says.

Malang is all set to release on 7th February, 2020.

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