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Ananya Says Alia Bhatt Is Her Role Model In The Industry And We Totally Get Why

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My family insists on eating dinner together every night. Call it a ritual, a custom or a compulsion but we do it because it is usually the only time when we are all together and at home, able to catch up with what has been going on in each other’s lives. It’s something all of us look forward to even. Even though, the conversations can get too hard to handle sometimes.

You see, we are four very different people of varied age groups and absolutely different mindsets. We may not see eye to eye about anything from food, to politics to fashion, to music, but if there is one thing we agree on as a family, it is that we all love Alia Bhatt.

And so does, SOTY 2’s debutante, Ananya Panday it seems. In a recent interview with PTI, the young actress confessed her love and awe for the Gully Boy actress by saying, “I look up to Alia so much. She has always been my idol. When she came in with ‘Student…’ she was raw and fresh and people saw her grow. I’ve been inspired by her growth.”

Alia Bhatt, has been relatable all the while being an inspiration to us and apparently now newcomers in the industry as well, and we totally get it why. From the roles she’s been picking to how she has been delivering on them to even how she has been responding to digs at her, is just seamless. Ananya too has her career kick starting almost in a similar way, in the rather rich hands of Dharma Productions.

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On her role in her upcoming movie, Ananya said, “She is very much like how I am as a person. She’s passionate, loud and expressive. She is a fighter and doesn’t take no for an answer. She is someone young girls can look up to and relate with.”

Even though the movie seems like the kind we must stay away from, we are eager to see Ananya choose her career trajectory and takes to the skies as well. Guess, we’ll have to wait and find out!


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