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Ananya Panday Is Being Trolled For Her Cutesy Captions Now. Is This Really What We Have Come Down To?

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Bollywood celebrities are no strangers to trolling. They are often called out for the smallest, stupidest of fumbles that can happen to anyone. Like hundreds of online concepts that have been misinterpreted, trolling started out as a way to turn social media into a medium to voice opinions and get dialogues started about serious issues that grip our world. But of course, it has rapidly been reduced to cyber-bullying and mocking celebrities for things that do not have even the tiniest value of significance.

That is exactly what is happening with Ananya Panday right now. She is being trolled heavily for something that does not need to have its own news story, generating buzz. But, of course, whoever these trolls are, they have made it a habit to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Just yesterday, Ananya Panday, who is neck-deep in promotions for her upcoming movie Pati Patni Aur Woh posted a few pictures of herself. One of them had her wearing a yellow asymmetrical, body-con dress from London-based design label AQ/AQ. While we loved the dress and thought she looked absolutely stunning, it was the caption on the posts that opened the troll floodgates.

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The caption read, “Unlike mangoes I hope I’ll always be in season for Dance Plus 5 #PatiPatniAurWoh #6thDecember #4DaysToGo.” The captios is intended to be a fitting, witty and kind of a quirky remark on her look. It references the stark, monotone yellow colour of her dress compared to a mango which is a seasonal fruit.

But it didn’t impress netizens who began trolling her relentlessly. Which was of course, both unneeded and uncalled for. One person commented “Bina caption ke pic dalogi to bhi tumko koi kuch nahi bolega. Rehem karo.” (Even if you put up a picture without a caption, we won’t say anything to you. Have mercy on us)

Another person wrote “Didi mango is not always in season garmiyo m aata hai Sirf. Caption ke liye banda hire karo. Acche amount m @HRyanviChandler ko karlo.” (Mango is not always in season, it only comes during summers. Hire someone for your captions.) Okay, I think this poor guy misunderstood the caption completely.

Someone else said that if there was an Oscar Award for the worst captions, Ananya would’ve won every year. They pushed it a little too far, don’t you think?

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If I had a penny for every time I put up a post with a bad caption, I’d be super-rich. Yes, if the caption was truly bad it would be a little funny. But that is not the case here at all. In fact, I think the caption reflects Ananya’s chilled out and cute personality.

Just because celebs are open to criticisms and they laugh it off sometimes doesn’t make it okay to comment on every move they make. Let’s learn to let things be, please. They too need a break from these constant incessant trolls who seem to be lying in wait, hoping they make a small silly mistake that has probably happened to them too like a million times.

We live in a world where forests are burning down, women are getting gang-raped, air pollution is practically choking people, governments are overturning and what do we choose to talk about? Ananya Panday’s mango caption.

How ridiculous!

The Poster For Pati, Patni Aur Woh Is Out And As Usual, The Patni Is In A Saree And The Woh Is Sexy. Stereotypical Much?


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