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Ananya Panday Wore A Neat LBD To Go Out And Sit In Her Living Room And We’re Feeling So Inspired

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I am not sure how many of you’ll caught PM Modi addressing our nation last night. Obviously, it was aimed at something the entire world is talking about- the coronavirus. Much to our dismay but also for our safety, our PM has announced a complete lockdown of the country until 14th April. Yep, that’s right for the next 21 days our house is our only sanctuary and we can forget a little something called the outdoors and another little something called a social life.

Here’s the thing though, hate me all you want but I believe that there is no way we are going to make it our of these 21 days by just sitting on our asses, watching Netflix and binge-eating Oreos. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying don’t do that all I’m saying is don’t do it all the time. Oh wait, I think I have already spent a lot of time with my mother and now I am starting to sound like her.

We need to get our creative juices flowing and develop hobbies that will carry us through this tough time. Look, the fact is no matter how much we complain about this you and I both know that this lockdown is the only way we can stop India from turning into Italy. So, get dancing around the house to weird tunes, cooking really crappy cupcakes and cleaning every drawer in the house. Believe me, it will make your self-isolation so much more bearable.

Just look at Ananya Panday, she is completely rocking her self-isolation and we really need to pick up a few pointers from her. She has been holed up in her house just like the rest of us and she is making the most of it by spending time with her family, painting and baking chocolate chip cookies. Doesn’t that sound like so much fun? She is treating this quarantine like one long Sunday and that is exactly what we should be doing too.

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Ananya has been spreading positivity and at the same time showing off her quirky side on Instagram. Just yesterday she got all dolled up in an off-shoulder bodycon dress with sheer sleeves just to go sit in the living room. Her caption read, “all dressed up to go out and sit in my living room”. Aren’t you just loving this? She is showing us being quarantined doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun.

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Earlier, she posted a picture with her sister Rysa Panday while the two were baking chocolate-chip cookies. Her caption read “we baked cookies!! (and by “we” I mean rysa panday baked cookies -I just danced around the kitchen and ate chocolate chips)”

I am really enjoying her vibe during these horrible (apocalyptic) times. So, I am going to bring out my notebook and really take some notes from Ananya, you should too.

Instead of panicking, let’s try making the most of this time while we stay safe.

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