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Ananya Panday Spilled The Beans On Her First Trip And Phone. We Are Looking At Our Bank Balance And Crying.

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Ananya Panday is almost a household name now. You know, if you are the kind of household that talks about Bollywood, the actors and all that. We aren’t entirely sure why this is something you discuss, because don’t you have extended family members that annoy you? Only me then, okay. *murmurs under her breath* Anyway, so Ananya did an interview where she got all candid and talked about her firsts. It’s interesting how a video about her being candid should come out given that she’s literally candid all the time on Instagram and has only one movie to her name till now.

Anyhoo, Ananya Panday went on to reveal some pretty interesting things about herself. Like when she had her first kiss. At 18. And nope, she didn’t reveal who it was that she kissed. Trust us, we were listening.

She also went on to tell us that Hrithik Roshan was her first crush and how she literally squealed the first time she saw him, making her parents want to disown her. But hey Ananya, we feel you. If our crush was around us, we would be behaving like that too. We probably already have. She also talked about her first acting stint and yes, you think you know but do you really? Because Ananya revealed that she and Suhana actually did play a tiny role in My Name Is Khan where they had to walk in the background, a scene that later got deleted making her onscreen debut Student Of The Year 2. From which, we shall state for the record, she didn’t get edited out.

What was interesting was also that Ananya said that she doesn’t need to buy clothes. Which made us feel very normal and inadequate because who doesn’t have to pay for clothes? Turns out, if you have a stylist, they will get you the clothes for free. What is the procedure to hire a stylist even if you are not famous?

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If you aren’t looking at your bank balance and crying yet, get this, her first phone was flip phone. Pretty regular, you think. Oh no, her flip phone had a Swarvoski crystal on the home button. And then, of course, she also told us that her first trip was to Disneyland while a trip to even Dombivli was like a luxurious escape for us. Oh well.

*resolutely refuses to look at bank balance*



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