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Ananya Birla’s Sassy Comeback To a Troll Delivers A Burn That’s Epic

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We Indians are an extremely talented bunch. Talented, and well, unoccupied. Why? It is because we have mastered the art of sitting idle behind a screen, furiously smashing the keyboard making broad, unverified accusations and branding people we don’t know with whatever nomenclature we deem fit. Simply because, well, we have an internet connection and it’s not expensive so why not make use of it.

As was the case recently with Ananya Birla, the daughter of Kumar Mangalam Birla. Ananya was shown playing football and was, by the publication, called multi-talented. This didn’t sit well with the internet and a certain Gurpreet Gill took it upon himself to set the record straight. He sarcastically commented, “Reporter reporting millionaire’s daughter” on the tweet. It came as no surprise to us, it was just another troll. What did come as a surprise on the other hand was Ananya’s savage comeback to the troll.

She took to twitter to give the person a piece of her mind and swift fact check, by tweeting  “So? I’m human too. We achieve things on our own esteem too and we must share that. And just btw, my dad is a billionaire not a millionaire. Sorry, not sorry.”  And boy did we love it.

Often we lament that billionaire kids have it easy in their life, and sometimes while doing so, conveniently disregard that a person is more than their last name. Yes, they have the means what with being born with a silver spoon and all that, but talent is something that doesn’t fall under the ‘hand-me-down’ category, and Ananya made sure people get that message.

You go girl! P.S: Have you seen our interview with her?


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