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Ananya Birla Shared How She And Her Family Were Thrown Out Of A Racist Restaurant In LA. Tweeple Suggested She Buy The Restaurant.

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If we were living in a perfect world, there would be no scope for conflict. The roads would be clean, air fresh, opportunities abundant, wealth distributed, and most importantly – people honest and kind. There would neither be crime, nor resentment. People wouldn’t separate themselves on the basis of class, money or caste and discrimination would not have existed and harmony would be just a concept, it would be real. And it certainly shouldn’t if you’re Ananya Birla

Not just the poor and the marginalised, but seems like the rich have too are not above being subjected to such social separators. We say this after the daughter of Aditya Birla Group’s billionaire chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla, Ananya Birla recently shared her experience of being thrown out of a restaurant just because she was Indian.

In what is surprising, it’s not only us mere mortals that are subjected to racism, you could be in the top brass and still be subjected to the sort of treatment that doesn’t belong to our worlds. She was extremely vague about the details so we don’t know what exactly went down but she was pretty pissed.

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Taking to twitter to share her story, the artist and singer wrote, “This restaurant @ScopaRestaurant literally threw my family and I, out of their premises. So racist. So sad. You really need to treat your customers right. Very racist. This is not okay.” Of course the racist restaurant owners and operators didn’t know any better that she could buy the property if she’d like, but netizens did and they took a dig at her entitlement.

Swarming her twitter feed with replies, most of which suggested that she buy the restaurant and change its name to ‘Indian’, tweeple were all for pointing out her entitlement. The discrimination and racism that she and her family faced was still uncalled for, but it is perhaps one of the many many instances that take place on the daily with people but not with people who could buy the place with their pocket change.

Ananya tweeted a follow up, this time sharing, “We waited for 3 hours to eat at your restaurant. @chefantonia Your waiter Joshua Silverman was extremely rude to my mother, bordering racist. This isn’t okay.” The chef in question here was the very chef at the restaurant Scopa in Los Angeles that was earlier called out for mistreatment and racist behavior. 

People around the world need to understand that and register in their minds that the time to take advantage of someone’s caste, creed or colour is long gone. Racism doesn’t belong to this time. Because from where we’re looking from, the only people irking us are the ones being racist.

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