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An Old Bus In Bengaluru Has Been Converted Into A Public Washroom For Women. We Are Loving This

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Having to go pee in a public washroom is one of my biggest fears. If you have ever walked into one, you will be able to relate. It’s always stinking of urine or faeces, there is no water most of the time and even when there is, it’s brown and it’s like they have never heard of this thing called hygiene, I just had a hellish flashback. However, when push comes to shove, what other option do we have? Either we go in the filth or risk contracting a UTI. 

I think every woman feels as strongly about public toilets as I do, at least in India. Do you remember Rachel’s famous dialogue from season 3 of FRIENDS, “no tissue, no tushy”? Yeah, that should be spray painted outside all these public washrooms. How many times have we women chatted with our friends about how we would rather pee hidden behind the bushes than actually go in a toilet? Too many times to count. 

Anyway, today is a good day. I feel like my prayers about these horrible public bathrooms have been heard and something good has happened. You see, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation converted a bus, that was not in use, into a fully functioning women’s toilet. 

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The ‘Sthree toilet’ is an initiative of the state-run bus corporation along with the BIAL. According to the KSRTC, the project cost Rs 12 lakh, which has been taken care of by the Bengaluru International Airport Authority as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. 

This old bus that has been converted into a toilet run on self-generated power through solar energy. It’s fully equipped with three Indian toilets and two western ones, a sanitary napkin vending machine and an incinerator. It has solar sensor lights, washbasins, baby feeding stations and diaper-changing areas. It’s even aesthetically-pleasing to look at. 

Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, Laxman Savadi said that the Sthree toilet bus will be deployed at the Majestic-the Central Bus Stand in Bangalore. They are also looking into the possibility of turning all old and scrap buses into toilets. 

This is an amazing initiative. Why has no one thought about turning old buses into public washrooms for women before? It’s such a different and interesting idea. Hopefully, if this works out in Bangalore it can be introduced in all the other cities as well. These buses ensure we never have to step foot into another public washroom every again!

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