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An IIT-Madras Professor Set Up A Camera In Ladies Washroom But This Vigilant Student Got Him Arrested. What Is Wrong With Men Though?

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How many times have you truly been able to let your guard down and just exist without any worry? During these times, I feel like I am constantly alert.. Even when I am on a vacation, I never want to stay in a cheap hotel and that’s not because I am very high-maintenance. I would shell a little extra money if that means I don’t have to worry about any spy cameras installed in my hotel room. I don’t use the trial rooms of thrift shops. When it comes to bigger brands of clothing or hotels, I know they have a lot at stake. But these tiny places have ownership of everything and I would be left helpless should I land in trouble. Even if I go out drinking, I let my hair down and simply enjoy only if I am in the company of trusted friends. Isn’t it unfair that women can’t do the most basic things without worrying about the scum of our society violating us?

Recently, a 30-year-old research student at IIT Madras (Chennai) was horrified when she actually lived through what is any woman’s nightmare in the premises of the college itself. The Ph.D student was using the washroom when she noticed a phone camera pointed at her through a hole in the wall. It seemed like there was someone in the adjacent men’s washroom taking advantage of the perforation in the wall to fulfil his perverse fantasies.

But her presence of mind helped catch the perpetrator. An investigative official said, “She took the phone and found the camera was on. Immediately, she rushed outside, locked the men’s bathroom from outside and called the security guard.”

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When the guard opened the men’s washroom, they found Assistant Professor in IIT-M’s Aerospace Engineering department Subham Bannerjee inside. He confessed to the crime, not like he had a choice considering he was caught red-handed. The professor has been arrested and his phone has been sent to a forensic lab to retrieve older videos, to find out if he has recorded other women like that.

How do these perverse assholes think they will get away with all this? To put your job, family and entire life in risk just to satisfy your lewd urges? They clearly have no empathy and ethics because they wreck women for their own twisted sense of satisfaction, so easily. But what about their own lives? Do their minds simply go blank? Clearly, these men think from their penises and that’s their problem not ours. We don’t want to suffer if they can’t keep it in their pants.

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However, we appreciate how alert this girl was for quickly locking the men’s washroom from outside. Now it’s on our judicial system to give him the punishment he deserves.

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