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An Eloping Couple Went To The Court To Seek Protection From The Families. The Court Fined Them For Not Wearing Masks At The Wedding

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If there is one thing that this year has taught me, besides always holding a stock of Nutella at home, it is that things never really go as planned. In fact, life can pretty much derail at any point and leave you in the middle of a pandemic. Which has only further meant, especially during these times, that we can’t be too careful in life. Something that a runaway couple had to learn the hard way when they approached the High court for protection against angry parents, but ended up getting fined instead.

After the couple had run away to get married against the wishes of their families, they approached the Punjab and Haryana High court, seeking protection. One would think, that by going through formal channels and taking the help of the authorities, the couple would be able to play it safe. However, the tables turned when the couple asked to pay up and were fined for not wearing masks during the wedding.

How did the authorities know this? The couple shared pictures of their wedding with them! They were charged with a fine for Rs. 10,000 for not adhering to the recent coronavirus guidelines and facilitating marriage without wearing protective masks. Talk about a happily ever after!

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The court said, “Perusal of the photographs attached with the petition, Annexure P-4, shows that at the time of the marriage ceremony, the petitioners and other attending persons were not wearing the masks, which is otherwise necessary in view of COVID-19 pandemic.” Meanwhile, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Amarinder Singh also put up a post on Facebook about how the masks are now compulsory.

The order that was passed by Justice Hari Pal Verma who had taken note of the same while he was inspecting the wedding photos as proof and noticed how neither the newly wed couple nor the guests were making use of the masks at such a sensitive time. The fine that is supposed to be submitted with the deputy commissioner of Hoshiarpur within 15 days is going to be used “for the purpose of arranging masks for the public at large within the District Hoshiarpur.” And even though we hope they are protected from their family, we are glad that authorities are making it a point to school people about the coronavirus precautions!

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