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An Australian Woman Got Fined For Traveling 75 Kms During A Lockdown For A Plate Of Kebabs. That’s Some Craving!

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Contrary to what many people think about me and my food habits because I only nibble at food at social gatherings, I am a true and total foodie. The kind that doesn’t just love food, but also ends up dreaming about it. One who would rather think of the menu at a party than what to wear at it, because food is life. Which often brings me to asking myself the question, how far am I willing to go for food? And by that I don’t mean on special occasions, but in general, on a casual Monday night during a lockdown when traveling is a no-no? Because a woman in Melbourne chose to answer that question. 75 kms! That’s how far she was willing to go to get her hands on one of her favourite delicacies.

6 months into the lockdown, it is almost as if all our senses and urges are heightened. And vanity and food cravings top the charts. With not being able to look the way we used to and to add to it, not being able to gobble our comfort food during such a tough time, this pandemic was particularly hard for people who didn’t find themselves going through the masterchef phase. And by the looks of it, it was the hardest for an Australian woman, who decided to break stage four of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions in Australia, for kebabs.

Yes, you heard that right. Having driven over 75 Kms from home, during a lockdown no less, this woman had her priorities straight when she couldn’t control herself from going the extra mile(s), quite literally at that, to satiate her hunger pangs. Talk about serious commitment, she even left us foodies behind with her recent stunt.

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She was pulled over by the cops in Werribee, south-west of Melbourne on Monday, and when questioned about where she was going, quite blatantly dodging the travelling restrictions, she simply shared that she was from Geelong and had travelled to Melbourne to eat kebab. At this point, we were too inquisitive about how exactly those kebabs must’ve tasted. We’re salivating a little.

Upon questioning, she further added that she was also going to visit her boyfriend in Werribee. Seems like she wasn’t hungry just for the kebabs after all. However, breaking the regulations that allowed for leaving your home only for work, medical care and caregiving from 8 am to 5pm, the cops reminded her how wanting to eat kebabs was neither covered under caregiving nor medical care. What is was considered though, was borderline unbelievable and she was fined for breaching the regulations.

And what is more surprising is that she wasn’t the first one to be fined for travelling to fulfil her food cravings. People have been caught eating ice cream at 2 in the night and even leaving their homes in search of Butter chicken, which somehow just feels all too relatable, especially since its been an eternity since we had a taste of it. But looking at the present situation, it’s best to control our fast food hunger pangs and wait it out, than be taken out by corona instead.

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