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This 11-Year-Old Girl Walked 10 Kms To File A Complaint Against Her Father For Depriving Her Of Her Money. She’s So Brave

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It is most often assumed that women have a softer and kinder heart which seldom allows them to take tough decisions in life. Be it making a tough call at work or in personal life, women are assumed to be weak, timid and with less resolute, at least in comparison to their male counterparts. A belief that was recently squashed by an 11-year-old girl who walked for close to 10 kms to file a complaint against her father. This girl has made it to the headlines not just for her strong will, but the courage to do what was right at such a young age.

Sushree Sangita Sethi (11 years old), is a student of Dukuka Vidyapitha studying in class 6th, who filed a complaint against her own father, alleging that he has been taking away the money provided to her by the government for mid-day meals, and using it for his own personal use. And considering at that tender age, the girl figured out what was happening and had the guts to go against her father in order to protect herself and her future. It is commendable.

It all started two years ago, when young Sushree’s mother passed away and her father remarried. Ever since her father married another woman, Sushree stated how she was made to stay with her uncle since her dad and step mother refused to take her in. Still rolling with the punches, Sushree went on to live in the circumstances, where she was being supported by mid-day meal (MDM) money and rice that was being given to her by the government.

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However, even though Sushree had an account of her own, she found out that the money and the rice were being deposited in her father, Ramesh Chandra Sethi’s account. When she asked him for the money, he refused to give her even a penny and that is when the girl decided to go up to the authorities and fight for her right.

She walked almost 10 kms to file a complaint with Kendrapara Collector Samarth Verma, who said, “On hearing the plight of the student, I have directed the district education officer (DEO) to deposit the money in her account from now. Besides, the DEO will take necessary steps to recover the money and rice from the student’s father.”

The DEO Sanjb Singh, upon the Collector’s orders, has confirmed that the money and rice, going forward, will be deposited in Sushree’s account itself, and that she would be refunded the money taken by her father. We are glad to see that the word of an 11 year old girl was not left unheard and taken seriously enough. Meanwhile, we hope and urge other girls to sport a similar show of courage when it comes to standing up for themselves. It is always  going to be worth it.

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