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We’ve Seen Better. Amy Schumer’s Growing Is Uninspiring, Tired And Unfunny

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I know I speak for a large part of the populace when I say that Saturdays are meant for minimal movement. It’s like being a sloth but then even they probably achieve more than I do on an average Saturday. A large part of the day is also spent staring at a screen. I alternate between Instagram on the phone and Netflix on the laptop. And so, obviously, Netflix, recognising that I am a woman with questionable taste but an affinity to comedy recommended Amy Schumer’s Growing to me.

And I went with it. Probably shouldn’t have. Should have picked the more banal Sex Education or something. But no, the feminist in me, the fan of Amy made the decision and I wasted an hour.

Growing is a one hour stand up show featuring Amy’s stories about being pregnant, about sex and then it meanders and talks about nothing really. I was expecting a feminist show, the precedent set by Nanette but this wasn’t even in the vicinity. The vicinity was so far it was a dot to Amy. I don’t intend to give out spoilers but at some point Amy flashes the crowd. I didn’t think that was funny. She talks about sex about how the doggie-style isn’t exactly fun and I didn’t think that was funny. Or interesting. Or new. It feels like the same ol’ tired spiel and you want to check out except Netflix will keep asking you to finish watching it and I don’t want that kind of pressure.

My point is this. If you are going to do a one hour special, make it spectacular. Make it worth my while. Oh I know you talk unabashedly about sex but I wanted more insight into your life. The show is called Growing FFS. You’re pregnant. There was just so much to play with. I wanted to know the awkward weird things about pregnancy besides, I don’t know, hemorrhoids. I wanted it to be real but also funny. It was none of these things. The segment where she talks about her husband was the only bit that caught my attention and had my interest. Also, slow clap to her husband for that drawing. I say this because my humans and animals look the same and at least his effort was earnest. The rest of the show was a blur.

Her arrest in DC, her pompous show about why she was there was all very, ho hum. Perhaps my own expectations from Amy herself were too high. And besides this one, for the most part, she has delivered. But at this point, I just want to know the procedure to get my one hour on Saturday back which, as anyone will tell you, is invaluable.


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