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Amidst The Coronavirus Outbreak, A Couple Attended Their Own Reception Over A Video Call. How Cute is That?

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Remember when 2019 was ending and we thought to ourselves, 2020 is going to be great? We had really high hopes from this year but then a lot of shit went down in the first month itself. We walked straight into the possibility of another world war, the news of Australia’s bush fires and now the spreading of coronavirus. Of course, we also have the trailer of Bhoot unleashed upon us, but that’s another story for another time. No wonder January seemed so long!

While the fear of coronavirus is quite real and its escalation rather scary, Indians have found a way to take it all with a pinch of salt. Internet is flooded with memes around the virus and of course, all that joking around is only until you catch it. Maybe it’s part of our defence mechanism where we make jokes to calm our fears.

India, despite being a neighbour to China, still isn’t in a very bad shape yet. Three cases have been reported in Kerala and there haven’t been any deaths. But in China, over 630 people have succumbed to the coronavirus outbreak and a total of 31,000 cases have been confirmed so far. Air India has been evacuating Indians in China’s Wuhan, which is the epicentre of the virus and quarantining them in camps near Delhi. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the outbreak a global health emergency.

But love is love and when two people want to get married, they can’t wait! A couple from Singapore, Joseph Yew and Kang Ting was forced by circumstances to attend their own reception on video conferencing! The thing is, they had spent the Chinese New Year in the Hunan province, and only returned to Singapore few days before the big day. And since Hunan is right next to the Hubei province of which Wuhan is the capital, they checked into a hotel suite for a self-imposed quarantine. Even the groom’s parents who had travelled with them, stayed quarantined. The guests were attended to by the bride’s sister.

However, none of this could stop them from enjoying their big celebration. Over the video call, the couple participated in the champagne pouring tradition and even raised a toast. Yew and Ting were able to interact with the guests. “We know many of our guests were worried. We had discussed with the hotel on postponing the banquet but could not reach an agreement. To let our guests have peace of mind, we made this decision,” Joseph told Asia One.

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Apparently, 110 out of 190 guests actually made it to the reception and in fact, several people took the extra food home to avoid wastage. “We were not sad but a bit disappointed. I think there were no other option so [I have] no regrets,” Yew told BBC News. I mean, they should actually be happy that more than 50% people actually showed up in a reception where the couple isn’t even there and right in the middle of coronavirus outbreak. I would have personally thanked each one of them. The couple have 14 days of isolation to make as much love as they want, away from any interruptions! Now that they are in it, make the most of it!

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