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10 Useful Websites To Help You Procrastinate Better On The Internet

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One thing that has become really hard to do now is to get bored. With the unlimited number of things that you can do on the internet, the phrase “I’m bored yaa” now has no meaning. While some of us surf on Facebook, watch videos, stalk our favourite celebs or even waste time on stupid websites like these, there are so many other productive things we can do. And to help you with that, there are tons of websites that will boost your creativity and will not let the guilt of whiling away time take over your existence! Plus, they are free so you might as well check them out.


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1. Roadtrippers

If you are a travel junkie, you’ve got to know about this site. Map out any route, from any part of the world, and receive exact directions. Put in the dates of your trip and this website will give you a list of places you should see, things to do, and lots of other stuff. It will basically plan your whole itinerary!


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2. Print What You Like

Annoyed with the ads on a page that you want to print? I mean, they take up most of the space. So, use this website and save the environment. Just put the URL of the page that you want to print on this site and it will declutter it of all the ads, giving you only the information you need.


Genius Websites_Hauterfly

3. No Excuse List

This is a one-stop site to learn something new. No Excuse List literally leaves you with no excuses, if you want to expand your knowledge. Choose your interest and it takes you to sites like Coursera, Investopedia, Cooklet, and so many more.


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4. Netflix Roulette

A faster version of Netflix, this website randomly selects a movie or a show for you to watch, based on your preferences. You filter out the genres that you like and the site will select the movie for you.


Genius Websites_Hauterfly

5. Avoid Humans

Sometimes, all you want is to be left alone and this site helps you do just that on the basis of data they get from Google Maps and Instagram. They find a location near you that is perfect for agoraphobics (the irrational fear of open or public spaces).

Genius Websites_Hauterfly

6. Recipe Puppy

Don’t want to order food from outside but don’t have enough ingredients at home either? Then this site is your messiah. Just input whatever you have into the site and it will come up with the tastiest dishes you can make with the available ingredients.


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7. Simply Noise

When you are at work and can’t listen to music, turn to this website for help. It will protect you from the office distractions by giving you an array of white noises that will help you concentrate better.


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8. Scribble Maps

Though Google maps has made finding a place fairly easy, we all have those friends who still manage to lose their way, me included. Scribble Maps will allow you to draw directions on the maps, add markers, doodle on them, and a lots more, to make the process of reaching a destination easier.


Genius Websites_Hauterfly

9. Idle Keyboard

This one is actually funny. If you want to take a quick nap at work or play candy crush, this site will make keyboard typing noises for you so that it looks like you’re working when in fact, you are not.


Genius Websites_Hauterfly

10. Sleepy Ti.Me.

A site that will tell you your exact sleep cycle and advise you on how many hours of sleep you should be getting. It is a boon for insomniacs!


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