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Amala Paul Shares How No One Supported Her During Her Separation

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Be it in a party when a couple breaks into an argument and the man grabs her woman by the elbow, visibly dragging her along against her will, or out on the streets when a man attacks a woman in broad daylight, chances are that the ones around them, friends, family or strangers will only seldom ever step up to help the woman in question. And the odds are no different when it is about supporting a woman after her divorce, especially when the society already holds so many silly grudges against the idea.

Recalling her own struggle after Tamil actress Amala Paul separated from her husband, Amala shared how for a long time it felt that she had been absconded by the entire society as no one cared to check up on her or her mental health, both of which took a toll.

Last seen in the Netflix anthology film Pitta Kathalu, where the actress played the role of  a survivor of domestic abuse, her character Meera is shown to be one with rather orthodox views on marriage. In the movie, she continues to endure the unjust physical and sexual abuse until one point when she finally decides to seek justice.

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Talking about her own marriage and the separation that followed, Amala shared, “It’s a reflection of the real world in which the support system for such women is almost non-existent. When I was going through my separation, I don’t remember anyone coming to my support. They all sought to instil fear in me. They said I was only a girl.”

She further went on to say, “There I was, a successful actor, and yet, I was being told that I should be frightened by the prospect of a man not being by my side. They warned that my career would get derailed, that I would be scorned by society. Nobody expressed concern about my happiness and mental health.”

Often faced with criticism for her choices, as much in professional life as in personal, Amala has gone beyond the conventions of the society to live life on her terms. And despite the support or approval from those around her, she has continued to put up a strong front. And for that, we commend her spirit.

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