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Altogether Experimental Is A New Cafe In The Capital City That Has An All Girls Kitchen. We Love The Concept!

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Up until now, I was drawn to a restaurant or a café  for either the food, the ladies night deals or how instagrammable the place is. But for the first time, if I am delighted or excited to check out a place that doesn’t have to do anything with how crisp the fries are, but everything to do with who would be cooking and serving them. This is this new restaurant in the bylanes of Saidulajab, Saket called Altogether Experimental (A.T.E.) which has an impressive all-girls kitchen!

Giving a strong push to women empowerment is this new coffee bar, café and patisserie that goes by the name of A.T.E and comes as an inspiration to all women, for it is one of the very cafes in the country that are run by an all women kitchen. This is especially important because while women tend to do a lot of the cooking at home, male chefs tend to rule the roost at commercial establishments. Which is why, it is great to find out that there are people and places opening up in the cities where women are given a chance to come forward and make a living out of their talents and passions.


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Anukriti Anand, the head chef and co-owner of A.T.E. and  the mind behind this thoughtful venture went on to talk about Altogether Experimental to Hauterfly and said, ‘I have worked at hotels before this and I have always been the only girl in kitchen. But I have always had a great experience but I realise it’s not the same for many girls and women. Because of most kitchens being all male spaces,  a lot of girls don’t end up joining in, they think it’s not safe. I thought it’s time to have a safe space where all girls can work together. And I really pushed that concept. It’s difficult for me to hire girls who want to work in the hot kitchen, most of them work in the pastry section etc. A lot of them have left previous jobs because it wasn’t the best environment to work in. But if they are willing to learn and explore and experiment, they can find work with us. I have an amazing team of chefs and interns who work with us. I also hired interns who are home chefs or home cooks because no one will hire them they aren’t qualified or lack industry experience. But if you train them well, why wouldn’t they want to work? They have the passion to learn and experiment. If you’re open to explore what the kitchen has for you, nothing can stop you is what I believe.”

Is there any significant difference that you notice in your kitchen?

It’s not very different but it’s very playful. It’s very noisy. *laughs* In terms of how it’s run, its’s united, everyone has each other’s backs. There is a base friendship between the staff. And we all work very closely. We are extremely friendly and it’s great to have that bonding. Specially when you have to pull off a 14 hour shift in a kitchen. So that helps. Everyone is just a little more polite.”

Meanwhile Vicky Mandal, the director and founding father of A.T.E. went on to say, “We wished to create a nouvelle platform that brings like-minded individuals collectively on a desk, over flavourful meals and numerous recollections. We now have spent lots of time in our kitchen and curated probably the most palatable sluggish meals and dessert delights. And if that does not get you, the experimental espresso menu will.”

Set in the midst of the brimming chaotic streets of Saidulajab, the café offers a quaint interlude, away from the hustle bustle, where one can sit and enjoy the exotic and wholesome food delicacies, from the very talented hands of an all-girls kitchen. We can’t wait to try it out.

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