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Alok Nath To Star In A Movie About The #MeToo Movement. WTF Is Going On?

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Bollywood sure does have a weird sense of humour, if you can call it that. I mean, they do make movies like Total Dhamaal that are excruciatingly painful to watch that are pegged as comedies but mostly make you want to stab yourself in the eye. So, if that’s funny, then maybe they have something. But this piece of news has left us so shocked, we don’t think it’s funny at all. Gut-wrenching and disgusting rather. Bollywood actor Alok Nath, accused of raping  TV producer and writer Vinta Nanda will now be seen acting in a movie called #MainBhi revolving around the #MeToo movement. So, it will be a case of real life imitating reel life, you think? You’d be dead wrong. He plays a judge in the movie.

Yes, we are as slack-jawed as you are. Irony just slapped us in the face. We know that Bollywood isn’t exactly known for being sensitive, but surely they know that this is absolutely bizarre casting with the most inappropriate people for the most unsuitable roles. Is that what this industry has come down to? Casting a man whose name was brought forward in the very same #MeToo movement for the role of a judge? This is wrong at so many levels. It’s insulting, stupid, annoying and has got us irate. We aren’t just letting down women who have come forward, we are mocking them.

When asked about his role, the actor told Mumbai Mirror, “I’m not doing any films at the moment. This was something I shot for a while ago. Is there a problem? You sound sad that I’m doing a film. It’s a puny role for poor producers, let it release.”

Oh yes, we do have a problem Mr. Alok Nath. We are disappointed. We are angry. We have a problem with men like you pretending nothing has happened, that the accusations are just something you live with and you living on as if nothing has happened. We have a problem that you don’t see the problem.

We wonder how this seemed like a viable option, let alone a good one, to the director of the movie, Nissar Khan. Who, by the way, claims that they want to spread awareness about child molestation and sexual assault. We can’t. We can’t deal. How many times must irony kill itself gruesomely in this story?


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