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All Of The Miss India Contestants Are Fair With Silky, Straight Hair. Kya *Bakwaas* Hai Yeh?

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Oxford Dictionary describes doppelgänger as an “apparition or double of a living person”. Now, there may not be many of these- you know- people who look exactly like you. Especially if you are Indian because we are a very diverse nation. But that’s not what the people behind the Miss India beauty pageant thought when they put these images out. Because every single woman in this image looks exactly the same. Fair. Has perfectly coiffed, straight hair. And even looks almost the same. Such diversity, much wow.

We bet you did a double take because at first glance, we thought these were passport pictures of the same person except with different clothes. Pretty much all of the internet thought the same thing.

It’s not like they don’t know better. This will be the 56th edition of the pageant, one that is touted as a platform to empower women. The winner goes on to represent the country at the Miss Universe level. The woman who gets crowned is to uphold and represent the ideals of India, what it believes in and what it stands for. Last we checked, India was home to at least nine recognised religions and 29 states, all whom stand for diversity. We would say that’s something to uphold.

Look, we know that newspapers and magazines are photoshop happy people. We think nothing of erasing a blemish or a pimple. But to use the same filter and same filler for all of these women is pushing it. They look like they’ve been manufactured in a factory. All women selected are of a similar skin tone and body type, and forget about implicit connotations, it explicitly only screams one thing and that is lack of inclusivity. Even if one tries to look hard, and we did, one can’t find a trace of a dusk in this catalogue of white swans.

The entire purpose of such pageants is to showcase women from around the country, right?

The action, however. did not go under noticed by the netizens, as they almost instantly slammed the pageant for their choice and inclination towards what is only fair and straight hair. Making the girls look like they’ve come out of a page of Indian matrimonial, because ultimately this is what every man is looking for right?


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