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Alia Bhatt’s Shoes Are 100% Calf Leather. And Yet, She Runs Co-Exist Which Works For Animal Welfare. Double Standards Much?

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Chocolates, accessories, books and bags; these are some of my favourite things. But like most girls one thing that trumps everything dear to me, are shoes. From comfortable ballets to stilettos that could potentially break my leg to boots that frankly, I can’t wear out in Mumbai weather, a sexy pair of shoes are my weakness. But no matter how cute, there are still limitations to what I will and won’t buy. Mainly because my bank balance plays spoil sport. A problem A-listers like Alia Bhatt or Sonam Kapoor do not face. From Hermes to Louboutins they can afford to sport luxury labels without a shred of regret. But think about it, would you spend over 50,000 on a single pair of shoes? If I am burning that huge a hole in my pocket, they better be diamond encrusted! I mean, my shoes cost Rs 3,000 and they do essentially the same thing- support my outfit and keep my feet from touching the ground.

Alia Bhatt, for a casual outing chose an ensemble that was simple but extra. She wore a bright pink dress from LoveBirds with minimal makeup on. What really caught our eye though were her white sandals. They are designed by an Italian brand called Neous, who pride themselves in comfortable footwear. The shoes have a band made from plexiglass but the sole and the lining are a 100% calf leather. I really thought we weren’t supposed to harm innocent animals to make ourselves ‘comfortable’ shoes. Why support multiple charities and be the face of campaigns if calves are dying to make your OOTD cuter? I understand it’s a massive industry but how can we rectify our genuinely fucked up ecosystems if the people we idolise not only support wearing animal leather but think it’s okay to just parade around town in them? Isn’t it high time we all channel our inner Phoebes?

Hold on, there’s more. On online shopping portals, the shoes cost $767 which sums up to Rs 54,820.  Granted the shoes are adorable but they cost more than a normal persons rent of two months. Imagine how many shoes you could pick up in that amount, you could completely raid Linking Road and Hill Road and if you are a brand person at least three other shoe brands. Buy the shoes here if you think you can survive on one kidney!

Alia is back from her romantic rendezvous in Kenya with boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor and is back to work. Her plate is full right now with projects like Takht and Sadak 2.

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