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Alia Bhatt’s Response To Kangana Is Something We Could All Learn From

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We have written (twice now) how Kangana may be pushing it by calling people out and forcing them to take a stand on political issues. We think it’s a tad unnecessary and think that if people want to step away from the politics and not state their intentions in public, that’s their prerogative. One that every one, celebrity or otherwise, should be allowed to have. For example, here, where we told her Kangana, Not Everyone Needs To Comment On Their Politics And That’s Okay

Now Alia Bhatt has responded to Kangana’s comments and it’s such a mature, de-escalation of events our politicians could learn a thing a two from it. Alia actually praised Kangana’s forthright attitude and admitted that she was right. “Maybe in a way Kangana is right; sometimes we do hold back because we we don’t want to speak unnecessarily. My dad (Mahesh Bhatt) always says that there are already so many opinions in the world, it can do with one less opinion. I have an opinion, but I’ll keep it to myself. Kudos to her, as she genuinely speaks very well.”

Kangana recently was quite vocal about Ranbir Kapoor not commenting on politics and how she didn’t appreciate that. This was after she called Alia K Jo’s puppet. Maybe Kangana is going after them as a couple?


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