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Alia Bhatt Wanted To Show Support But Ended Up Posting The Wrong Version Of The Preamble. Honest Mistake?

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I think it is safe to say that this is a terrible time for our country. People are strongly contesting the Citizen Amendment Act which has led to violent protests all over our nation. And while people are well within their rights to protest, the incident that took place on 15th December at the Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi was definitely not the way to go. That was a vicious attack that not only wavered our belief but also instilled fear in us.

On 15th December, a group of students from JMI organised a silent anti-CAA protest outside their campus. Needless to say, it went horribly wrong when that protest was joined by locals who also took to the streets. Things got violent pretty quickly and according to reports, over 60 people, including students and policemen were left wounded.

After this incident came to light, many celebrities like Vir Das, Ayshman Khurana, Parineeti Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha and Ishaan Khattar took to their social media to express their rage and concern for those students. Among those celebrities was Alia Bhatt, who, while trying to express her solidarity for the students, made a colossal mistake.

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After Sonakshi and Ishaan, Alia too posted a picture of our preamble on Instagram followed by the caption “Learn from the students”. The only difference was that she posted the old preamble that read the “sovereign democratic republic” and “unity of the nation”. This version of the preamble was changed by Indira Gandhi during the Emergency period to “sovereign, socialist secular democratic republic” and “unity and integrity of the nation”.

Here is the thing, I want to say this can happen to anyone, but it can’t, and it is hilarious. This goof-up was spotted by netizens who were obviously less than forgiving and trolled Alia relentlessly. Which was a little uncalled for because she had good intentions and it really seemed like an honest mistake.

Check out all the things they said:

I have always found this concept of trolling celebrities a little redundant. Yes, they are in the public eye but that makes them any less human. I mean, If I would’ve put up the older version of the preamble, people would’ve understood it is a mistake, right? I understand we look up to them since they are world-renowned, but I think all of Twitter needs to be a little more compassionate and give them the benefit of doubt sometimes

Besides, we have way more important stuff to focus on right now. Instead of wasting our voices on how Alia Bhatt screwed up with the preamble, don’t you think we have more essential things we need to use out voice for out right now?

So quit harassing Alia and join the fight because we need all hands on deck!

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