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Alia Bhatt Took All The Social Distancing Precautions While Going To See Her Parents. But The Visit Could’ve Been Avoided

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I will admit, we have all been hanging by a thread – the lockdown came unannounced and threat of the lethal coronavirus is looming. The sudden outbreak left all of us rushing inside of our home to quarantine ourselves until it is safer to step outside. And while most of the people were locked down with their families, there were a select few, much like the famous Bollywood stars, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, who were lucky enough to have been quarantined with each other during this period. Currently residing with Ranbir in his house, Alia however recently strolled down to her parents building a few days ago, to pay them a visit.

Living at a rather short and walk-able distance from where she has been putting up with Ranbir, with over a month having gone by in this state of lockdown, seems like Alia decided to check up on her parents who liver close by. We emphasise on the close by because it’s important in this context.

Choosing to walk over to their building, with gloves and masks on, as Alia’s father Mahesh Bhatt revealed in his recent interview, he mentioned how, “We met a few days ago-she lives a few buildings away and it’s a protected space. So, she just walked across with mask and gloves on and sat at a distance so she wouldn’t endanger her parents.”

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And to an extent, we understand the urge Alia and her parents must have to see each other after weeks of staying indoors. there were plenty measures taken in this case and scenario, she was fully prepared with a mask and gloves on, and was only a few buildings away, it didn’t seem too dangerous for her to carry this out, and she kept in mind the basic guidelines by the government of social distancing.

However, there is a part in us that still feels as though even a chance like this could be avoided in the future, just to ensure a total safe space, both for herself and her parents. The thing is though, she’s a star and her doing this will mean that other people are tempted to go over and meet some friends, or check up on a girlfriend – there’s no end to it. Yes, Alia isn’t responsible for everyone else but she is a popular star and therefore, her actions carry so much more weight. Which is why one can never be too careful, especially in a city like Mumbai, where the cases of  Covid-19 are waayy higher.

And so, keeping in mind the present state of affairs, it is important all of us take precautionary measures like Alia Bhatt here, but even more imperative that we don’t consider stepping out altogether. After all, precaution is always better than cure!

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