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Akshaye Khanna Said He Isn’t Cut Out For Marriage And Children. We Love His Honesty!

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A friend of mine recently shared a meme that said something like when we say that we never want to get married, our parents don’t know yet that we actually mean it. And that’s when I realised that it’s true – today, we are okay with not getting married, and some even prefer it. However, a few years earlier, if you were unmarried, you were always singled out as an unfortunate one. Truth be told, it still is like that, in most Indian families. The neighbours and relatives assume there must be something wrong with you. If you’re a man, then you are probably not settled enough (read as earning enough) or are a commitment phobe. If you’re a woman, then you probably had a failed affair or there’s something wrong with your kundali. Or you’re probably “too independent”. Why else would you not like to not get married? I mean, it is marriage not polio shots – there’s no compulsion here. Thankfully, Akshaye Khanna’s profession and his world, in general, is much more accepting of his choices.

Till date, Akshaye has never really opened up much about his personal life. In fact, it’s safe to say, he has been reticent, and away from limelight – by choice! As much as we love him and would like to invade his personal space, he’s not really up for it. So when HT got a hold of him for an interview, it was like treasure especially because he has come back to acting in movies after a long time with Section 375. The HT guys asked him all about his marriage plans and kids and everything possible. Because who knows when the self-confessed recluse will be in the mood to bare his heart out to the media again.

So when probed about getting married, he said he isn’t cut out for this institution. “I’m just like that. It’s not one part of someone’s life that keeps them a little more private. That’s the way I’ve always been, even as a child! There’s no one particular thing holding me back,” revealed Akshaye Khanna. He further explained that marriage won’t be in the cards even in future, “I don’t see myself (getting married), I’m not marriage material, as they say. I’m not cut out for that kind of….It’s a commitment, but a drastic lifestyle change. Marriage changes everything. I want full control over my life. When you share your life with somebody else, you can’t have full control. You have to give a lot of control away. You share each other’s lives.”

A lot of peeps who don’t want to get married opt to adopt a child, but that’s not what Khanna wants from his life, either. “I’m not cut out for that life; for sharing my life. Whether it’s getting married, or having kids. That too drastically changes your life. Everything important to you becomes less important, because the child gains utmost importance,” expressed Akshaye Khanna. It’s incredible that he has opened up about his preferences, unabashedly without being concerned with how the society will react to it. However, I can’t help but wonder if an actress had made a statement like this, would she not get heavily trolled? I mean, our society does see women as baby-making machines, who are apparently naturally equipped with maternal instincts, and will want a child over anything else.

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On the work front, Akshaye Khanna’s Section 375 is in cinemas, and has received critical acclaim.

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