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5 Reasons Why We’re Excited About Akshaye Khanna’s Comeback!

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After being out of the limelight for four long years, critically acclaimed actor Akshaye Khanna is back with a bang (literally)! Have you all missed the way his sometimes-smouldering-sometimes-yearning gaze made you go weak in the knees? We know we have! So we couldn’t be happier when we discovered that he was making a very welcome comeback in the new film Dishoom.

Directed by Rohit Dhawan, Dishoom boasts an amazing star cast including Varun Dhawan, John Abraham, and Jacqueline Fernandez. But for us, the best part about this film is its antagonist played by Akshaye Khanna. He essays the role of a villain who kidnaps the film’s lead character, and it promises to be an action-packed Bollywood potboiler.

We’re really excited to watch Akshaye on the big screen once more, and here are all the reasons why!

1. The Smug Smile That Only He Can Perfect

Remember his signature “look”? The one where he looks up from beneath his hooded eyes with a smug little smile? That is pure cinematic GOLD and we can’t wait to see it light up our screens again.

2. His Acting Skills

Having perfected the sensitive, brooding man in films like Dil Chahta Hai and Taal, he honed his superb coming timing in funny films like Hungama and Hulchul, and proved his mettle in award-winning roles in Border and Gandhi, My Father. There’s no doubting that the critically acclaimed actor’s skills on the silver screen are something else. He can effortlessly slip into the skin of his characters and have us eating out of the palm of his hands. We’re sure we’ll be treated to more of the same with Dishoom.

3. His Dimpled Chin

Men with cleft chins are such good-looking devils, no? And with those dashing Khanna genes coursing through his blood, Akshaye’s dimpled chin makes our hearts beat just a little faster than usual. Le sigh!

4. His Negative Roles

He played negative roles in Humraaz and Race and won awards for both, leaving us all amazed and asking for more. He plays a baddie once more in Dishoom and we’re totally ready for him to surprise us with his treachery. After all, bad boys usually have all the fun, no?

5. His New Look

Akshaye sports a shaved head and a buff look for his new film, and quite honestly, we can’t get enough of it! He kinda has that brooding Jason Statham look going on right now, don’t you think? So hot! *cue heart-eyed emoji*

Been missing Akshaye as much as we have? Take a look at Dishoom’s trailer below and tell us what you think!


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