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Akshay Kumar’s Tweet About Twinkle Khanna Selling 100,000 Copies Of Her Book Is Funny And Epic

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Back when I still I had a boyfriend, he and I used to often get into arguments about  him not doing anything. And by that, I don’t mean to imply his innocence, but his sheer lack of action. Whether it was an article I wrote, a choreography I prepared or even a selfie I posted, the guy would somehow manage to not read, see or like anything. Despite my nagging that is. Yeah he was talented and sneaky like that. And as you can tell, deeply in love with me. And after reading Akshay Kumar’s recent tweet,  I am willing to bet that Twinkle Khanna knows exactly how I felt in those times.

Just yesterday, we saw Twinkle Khanna celebrating a milestone in her writing career, having sold 100,000 copies of her first novel and third book – Pyjamas Are Forgiving– that was published by Juggernaut Books in September last year. And alongside her in the celebrations was the famous and renowned author Jeffery Archer, celebrating the 40th anniversary of his iconic book – Kane and Abel, that had literally given people a reason to indulge in the pleasure of reading.

Akshay Kumar, husband of Twinkle Khanna, was also present at the event and tweeted a picture with the two, captioning it, “Last evening the wife was celebrating hitting the big 100,000 copies sold of her last book, Pyjamas Are Forgiving and Mr. Jeffrey_Archer was celebrating the 40th anniversary of Kane and Abel. And me? Well, I was just hanging around as I have not read his books or hers,”

But to be honest, we don’t blame him, applaud him rather. First, for being brave enough to accept that in front of wifey and second, wise enough to not pick up ‘Pyjamas are forgiving’, because the read is kinda not great reading. And hey, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Twinkle Khanna’s wit and charm, and read her columns religiously. The former actress was absolutely right on adding that ‘former’ to the actress tag, she’s much better as a columnist. Twinkle Khanna may have moved out of Bollywood but if one thing was certain after reading the book, it was that Bollywood still hasn’t moved out of Twinkle Khanna.

But Kane and Abel on the other hand, that was an excellent piece of literature and narration that no one should miss out on. But brownie points to Akki for being supportive, present and looking interested as ever during the event. That is clearly more than we can say for our beaus. See, Akshay Kumar was busy getting himself in the Forbes top 50 list of highest paid celebrities in 2019, while our partners were busy getting on another match of FIFA.

But then again, seems like this couple is not the conventional kind anyway. Since the two while being on the Koffee couch with Karan have revealed how Twinkle, unlike her pyjamas, hasn’t been forgiving about reviewing hubby’s movies and sometimes even chooses to not see them at all. So maybe Twinkle had this coming!


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