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Akshay Kumar Is Playing Pullela Gopichand But We’ve No Idea Who Is Playing PV Sindhu. In Her Own Biopic!

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P V Sindhu is in the news. As she should be. This woman has made India proud and put us on the map. And she’s the only female to do it. So if we all want to put her on a pedestal, talk about her, discuss her accolades, we should. We should put her in the limelight and celebrate her. And we did. For exactly two days. And now, sadly, the conversation isn’t about her winning in court and pulling off a victory that was both a mental and physical challenge. Today, the news is out that in her biopic, Akshay Kumar will be playing the role of her coach, Pullela Gopichand. That’s great. Amazing. He’s a decent actor, should be able to pull this off.

Now, let me draw your attention to the fact that is this P V Sindhu’s biopic. As of now, we have no idea who is playing her. And from the current crop of actors, we aren’t sure any one would be able to do her justice. You know, like we said about Janhvi Kapoor yesterday. We aren’t sure Janhvi, with just one movie to her name would be able to pull off the role of a hero like Gunjan Saxena. Similarly, we don’t see someone worthy, at least not yet, of playing the role of PV Sindhu. Again, no one seems to care.

In all honesty, Pullela Gopichand had mentioned that he likes Akshay Kumar and wouldn’t mind if he did play him in the movie. He said, “Well, I love Akshay Kumar. If he is doing it, it’s fantastic, because he is one of the people I really admire. But I am not sure about it.” Gopichand also mentioned that Akshay Kumar has met PV Sindhu a bunch of times and has always been encouraging. So great, everyone is happy. It’s exciting. Except no one knows or at this point, gives a shit about who is playing PV Sindhu.

Dear Bollywood, before you get ahead of yourselves and celebrate Akshay Kumar and the fact that he can do his job, let’s celebrate PV Sindhu’s achievements and the fact that she’s a phenomenon. Okay? Okay.

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