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Akshay Kumar Is Asking People To Donate Sanitary Napkins To Underprivileged Women. So He Really Is Padman

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Our society has been divided into two halves. On one hand are the people who are fighting tooth and nail to get us out of this bottomless hole we call patriarchy, and on the other hand are the people who are aggressively trying to push us further down. Though both these sides have been in an aggressive tussle, it has become more pertinent now, than ever, that we steer upwards and do away with all the double standards that have riddled our society for years.

I have always felt like one of the biggest issues that need tackling head-on is that of menstruation and the stigma that surrounds it. Personally, I have never understood why a woman bleeding for 5 days every month should make anyone as uncomfortable as it does. But then again, for a while there people bought into the goumutra warding of coronavirus, so I guess, anything goes. We are “impure” because it happens to us, right? Wrong. That is the stigma we are trying so hard to erase but somehow it always feels like we take one step forward and three steps backwards.

A major step towards destigmatising menstruation was Akshay Kumar’s movie Padman that was based on menstrual hygiene. That movie made leaps and bounds of progress since Akshay shattered a whole lot of stereotypes in the movie. He has travelled through many countries to show his film Padman to people to make them understand the different aspects of menstrual hygiene and its importance. However, his contribution to spreading awareness does not end there.

It’s no secret that this lockdown has been extremely hard on the migrant and daily wage workers. They have been left stranded with no money, no food and no way to get back to their home states. Well, of course, this was before the government stepped up and arranged for busses and trains, but they are still suffering. Yes, a lot of people have donated food, water and money to their cause but Akshay has gone one step further and is supporting a cause that is donating the one thing everyone seems to have missed- sanitary pads.

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Akshay took to Twitter to announce his affiliation and support to a campaign called SAMARPAN that is providing sanitary pads and kits to underprivileged women. In his tweet, he has urged people to donate sanitary napkins to these underprivileged women along with the other necessities. And he has an excellent point, even if our government and society can’t it, sanitary napkins are as much a necessity as anything else.

His tweet read, “A great cause needs your support. COVID doesn’t stop periods, help provide sanitary pads to underprivileged women across Mumbai. Every donation counts.”

SAMARPAN is an initiative led by a group of doctors and civil servants who are working towards the welfare of these migrant and daily-wage workers. According to reports, until now they have donated 19,000 sanitary kits in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Jodhpur, Anand, Lattur and Ujjain.

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Akshay Kumar is one of very few actors, and men, who are using their stardom to start a dialogue around menstruation and help women in need with sanitary pads is just the kind of inspiration we all could use at this time.

Most men don’t even know what menstruation comprises of, to them it’s all a bunch of “lady problems”. To them, it’s something that makes them extremely uncomfortable to listen or talk about and that is why Akshay’s contribution makes us believe that this isn’t an entirely lost cause.

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