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Akshay Kumar Gets Called Out For His Fake Feminism After He Walks 21 Kms On A Treadmill To Understand The Plight Of Women

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A woman is different from a man in a lot of ways ranging from physical, biological, emotional and mental makeup and even how we are perceived and treated by the society.. And while, we are all for appreciating those who make an effort to understand where we’re coming from, or try to be cognizant of our predicaments, what we aren’t grateful for is token efforts. Like that made by actor Akshay Kumar, where he recently pulled off a stunt that didn’t go down well with the internet.

Joining hands with the Network18 initiative Mission Paani Waterthon, Housefull actor Akshay Kumar walked on a treadmill for over 21 kms to get this- ‘understand the plight of women.’ And at this point, we don’t know what to do to understand the idea behind his actions, for it just didn’t make sense.

You see, the intention of the actor might have been honest and genuine where he wanted to experience what walking non-stop for hours on end, in search of a basic necessity like water must be like, we weren’t impressed by his half-hearted, tone-deaf and privileged efforts, where he decided to understand the plight from behind a treadmill in an air-conditioned room, as opposed to the terrain that village women walk through every day.

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Netizens, who weren’t too happy with his recent gimmick, lashed out on social media, calling the actor out for his tone-deaf behaviour. A user wrote, “Complete sham! let @akshaykumar ACTUALLY WALK 21 km in the blazing heat of Rajasthan, Gujarat, UP or Bihar, if he TRULY wants to understand the plight of village women, NOT by just doing his regular workout on the treadmill, just to hoodwink the masses!”

While another one commented, “Akshay kumar sleeps without blankets in his AC bedroom to understand plight of farmers at Delhi border.#MissionPaani”, and another wrote, “With bare foot or nike shoes…What was the room temperature…Under AC or cosy warmth….After having the breakfast and what protein shake he had after treadmill…. that needs to be said too By the way i walk everyday on treadmill…Stop sensationalising the routine things.”

We couldn’t help but agree with those pointing out his futile effort in trying to understand the plight of women, who have it way more difficult than walking on a treadmill one day. Some even went ahead and called it a publicity stunt, to drive traction for his upcoming projects. We feel, the actor in his position and even with a genuine concern at heart, didn’t have to take it so casually, for it seemed like he was trying to mock the hardships of rural women.

And as for us and the netizens? We aren’t impressed!

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