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Akshay Kumar Credits His Fitness At 52 To Natural Products. We Think It’s Because He Hasn’t Had To Deliver Two Kids!

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I usually am the last person to ever draw comparison between two individuals on the basis of how they look. In fact, I’d be the last person to draw any sort of a comparison between two people. But today, while going through my social media feed, I came across a picture of our birthday, Akshay Kumar and I couldn’t help but fall into a train of thought after reading the caption he had put for his recent shirtless picture on his IG account.

The actor who has given the phrase ‘Jack of all trades’ its true meaning has always been nearly perfect and popular at whatever he does. Be it exploring his comic timing or dropping serious and intense biopics that turn out to be raging blockbusters, the actor has proved his mettle in every field he has had himself involved – fitness and acting. And on the same account, he recently uploaded a monochrome and shirtless picture of himself, captioning it, “We Are What We Eat…‬Be a Product of Mother Nature… ‬DON’T be a Product of a Product. ‪#AntiSupplements ‬Be True to your body & it’ll carry you in ways you only dreamed of at this age…trust me, I’m a father of two. ‬Take care, 1 Life, Get It Right.”

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Now of course the man looks ripped at the age of 52, and we are happy that he chooses to maintain his looks- that he doesn’t a dad bod. That’s enviable.  And that is not what has made us have our qualms about this post anyway. The thing is, Akshay Kumar has very lightly indulged the fact that this is him, being a product of nature and a father of two, looking as naturally sexy as ever. Except, obviously he looks like that with all that time and because out of those two children, he hasn’t delivered any of them.

He has the leverage of using that tag line to up his #bodygoals not realizing that while it does serve everyone well, it’s way easier to look skinny and lean when you haven’t put on pregnancy kilos and pushed a baby out of your vagina.  No breastfeeding, post partum complications, saggy skin and medicinal problems that tag along. None. Now, don’t get us wrong and think we’re the kind to hate on him. Not at all. In fact, hate is a strong word, what we’re going for is it may be slightly easier for him given that his ‘dad bod’ and the tag of dad really, didn’t require any sort of physical push at his end.

Yes, there are several women who are also in their 50s and look absolutely ravishing, having actually delivered two babies. Case in point, the very beautiful Madhuri Dixit. But, you see, had this advice or caption come from her, we’d have end up getting it tattooed on our bodies somewhere to look half as good as she does now. But coming from Akshay Kumar, not so much. You’re lucky to have to been a product of nature Akki but we’d say you not being a woman also helped. No wonder you look so fit.

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