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In Ahmedabad, A Woman Has Accused Her Husband Of Depriving Her Of Sex For A Year

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Marriages are not easy, quite the opposite in fact. They are, much like any other relationship, requiring constant care, commitment and communication to thrive, in the absence of which it’s bound to perish and die. Add to that abuse and emotional disconnect, and you have yourself a recipe for disaster. And that’s exactly what happened with this couple in the Gota area of Ahmedabad city where a woman has filed an FIR against her husband for depriving her of sex for over a year. And, get this, forcing beer down his own 2 year old’s throat.

In a rather shocking piece of news, a woman hailing from Gota has filed a complaint against her NRI husband, for reasons that have confused us. According to the victim, her husband, who now lives in Dubai, has been accused of forcing beer down the throat of their two year old daughter and depriving his wife of sex for more than a year.

Elaborating on it in her report, the woman alleged that the two got married in 2016 and then moved to Dubai in 2017. He had then started to force their infant daughter to drink beer and would even give her empty beer cans to play with, not keeping in mind how harmful could that be for a child.

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And apparently, that wasn’t all. The FIR also recorded that the accused, the husband, would often beat her and abuse her upon being provoked by her in-laws. The husband, who is alleged a drunk, would wreak havoc after getting drunk, misbehave with his wife and force both her and his toddler daughter to drink as well.

She said, “My husband used to create ruckus after getting drunk. He used to beat me seeking dowry from my parents. He often drank beer and forced me to drink it even though I never liked it. My husband also forcibly made my two-year-old daughter drink beer.”

The woman also went ahead and said that he would taunt her for ‘delicate physical condition’, withhold sex and would not even step up to pay for his own daughter’s medicines when she would fall sick. According to the woman, she then came back to India where her husband dropped her to her maternal home. The woman then claims that her husband fled to Dubai with his family.

The matter is still being investigated by the police as of now.

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