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After That Public Showdown With A Journalist, Kangana Ranaut Says She’s Careful With Words Because She Has A Cause To Represent

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You may agree or disagree with Kangana Ranaut’s opinions, but the fact that she is not afraid to voice them, is commendable. It takes courage to speak up, whether you are right or wrong. At the end of it, there’s at least scope for debate and that’s what really takes a society ahead. Even when she spoke about the prevalence of nepotism in Bollywood, irrespective of her stance, it led to a dialogue about nepotism. If we stop questioning, we stop growing and this is why I love the fact that she questions, that she’s oaky to upset the apple cart. This time, it is for a cause much bigger than Bollywood politics – she has been supporting Cauvery Calling initiative. She has already donated 42 lakhs to the cause and intends to donate more in the coming years.

While she landed in quite a soup with a journalist earlier, this time she has come wiser and more cautious. She confessed that incident made her be more careful with words, because her intention is to inspire and not instigate. “It is very difficult. To be in media’s scrutiny…and with one slip of the tongue, it is like playing with fire. Either you do it properly, or otherwise, you can do more damage than benefit. In my 20s I felt I would do charity, but now I feel one person is insignificant in the scheme of things. We need to get everyone together. It’s not easy doing something like this. But I truly feel that it’s not difficult for people to contribute,” expressed Ranaut.

In fact, she is grateful to the media and audiences and attributes her success to the public. Kangana wants to give back and this movement is her way of doing her bit. “My presence in this is because of people. I am today because the media made me a star. I feel obliged in some way to give back.” She further added that she has stopped investing in properties to limit her consumption of the earth. “It also stems from a realisation when I was building my home. I just felt we draw so much resource from the earth. Right now, I own 3-4 homes, and there is a lot of overconsumption of resources. Then I thought does a person like me need 3-4 homes? That’s when I decided I will stop buying properties. How else will you give back to nature unless you die and offer your body as fertiliser to the soil? You only draw and never give back. What is the point of feeling panicky if we don’t intend to solve it,” Kangana said.

Sometimes, we look at celebrity endorsements of social or environmental causes as a publicity gimmick. And while I’d like to believe most celebs do it genuinely, Kangana has pointed there are some artists who may be misusing the platform. And she appreciates the fact that people are beginning to rationalise instead of following celebs blindly. Ranaut said, “Now people question celebrities why they deserve this platform? It’s not going to be long before they question all those who abuse the platform for their agenda.” In fact, she questioned why celebrities aren’t talking enough about issues closer to home, “I see a lot of hullabaloo about Amazon fire; which is, of course, a matter of concern. But where does this concern vanish when it is about Cauvery or Chennai droughts. Nobody had a social media post for that?” She further added, “For that matter, let’s speak about the Aarey colony incident. If a film is stuck with Censor Board, I see petitions doing rounds. But no such petition for Aarey? I thought the people who play the messiahs of the industry would get together and do something. Obviously, the industry is more self-centered.”

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A lot of people aren’t comfortable with this kind of probing, in fact, sometimes I feel she does get too brash. But no roses without thorns, right?

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