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After Losing Her Job, This Woman Used Various Dating Apps To Dupe Several People Out Of Nearly Rs15 Lakh.

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Some people, who know my dating track record, might say that I have been single too long. They are the same people who continuously suggest I put myself out there and subscribe to as many dating apps as possible. And a part of me agrees. However, I never actually go through with it. The idea of talking to and eventually meeting a complete stranger just doesn’t sit well with me. This isn’t a commercial against dating apps. In fact, maybe it’s just me just being paranoid but just think about all the things that go wrong all because I invited a total stranger into my life. If the people we are talking about today would’ve thought on these lines, they might’ve been able to save themselves from being conned by this woman who has duped lakhs of rupees from at least 16 people through various dating apps. Whoever coined the phrase “big bad world” knew what they were talking about.

After 27-year-old Sayli Kale from Maharashtra lost her job at a telecom company during the lockdown she spent her time honey-trapping women and men through various dating apps. She was detained last week after a Chennai-based education career guide lodged a formal complaint about being duped. The Pimpri-Chinchwad police unravelled Sayli’s complicated modus operandi and caught her red-handed.

During the probe, the police found that Sayli has duped at least 16 people through dating apps. After the cops released an appeal for more people who have been duped to come forward, four more people shared their ordeal. Even though Sayli targetted men and women, no woman has come forward yet. This case is as intriguing as it is terrifying.

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Talking about the case, Krishna Prakash, the police commissioner (CP) of Pimpri-Chinchwad police revealed how the police set up an elaborate undercover system to trap Sayli in her own game. Prakash said, “Our crime branch team had created different profiles on Bumble and Tinder dating apps. At first, the accused woman did not accept a friend request, but when the police team created fake profiles in the name of a woman, she accepted the requests. After that, the woman was called to meet for a date, and the cops lost no time in arresting her. The woman earlier used to work in a telecom company. After the lockdown, she did not have a job. In the last year, she robbed 16 men in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad through dating apps.”

The police also added that they had seized a whopping total of Rs 15,25,000 in cash and 289 grams of gold and cell phones. How insane is this? It’s a miracle she went unreported for so long. Sayli usually targetted men and woman who are not residents of Pune. She would start out by creating fake profiles and chatting with her prey on the dating app. Eventually, she would call them to Pune to meet. Once they were in the city, Sayli would take them to hotels and lodges, spike their drinks and rob them blind.

Sayli’s father passed away about 10 years ago and since then her mother has been diagnosed with depression. Her doctor has prescribed her anti-depressants. Sayli would take advantage of the prescription and get her hands on all the sleeping pills she needed. She never shared her number with the men that she would dupe but she did give her contact information to the women.

However, robbing them is not all Sayli did. She also took obscene photos of the women she targeted and blackmailed them. It’s a shame none of them have come forward. A case has been registered against Sayli.

I think it’s time we stop taking people on face value and we definitely need to stop trusting every person we meet, online or otherwise.

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