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After A Netizen Asks Her To Use Bleach To Lighten Her Complexion, This Dusky-Skinned Woman Smashed Colourism With A Powerful Song

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When I was younger, I was extremely timid. The reason for that is simple. You see, throughout school, I was ridiculed for having dark skin. People have told me to use fair and lovely, apply turmeric paste and called me all sorts of foul names. It was brutal and as it happens with most kids, it affected my self-esteem. I only learned to comfortable in my own skin once I grew older and worked tremendously on my self-confidence. However, because of what I do, I come across numerous girls who go through the same things I went through only because of their dusky skin colour. Colourism is rampant in our society and it’s time we start acting against it. We have to smash the practice and all the moronic people who believe in it. Just like this Instagram user did with her amazing song about colourism. We should all take notes from her. She’s got it right. 

When a netizen commented on one of her posts saying, “Ok darkie you need bleach,” Instagram user Aishu shut it down by responding with a song she wrote and composed. The song really gave me the feels as it was everything I have always wanted to tell people who comment about my skin colour being too dark. 


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In the caption Aishu talked about colourism is a rampant issue in South Asia and it’s something that she had fought against for years. She talked about how her life goal is to normalize dusky complexions so girl’s from future generations don’t have to go through the same kind of shaming. 

Her caption read, “Colorism in South Asia is such a huge issue, and something I’ve fought against for years now.” Further adding, “One of my goals in life is to make other little girls, 10-20 years from now, to NEVER have to think that their dark skin makes them less beautiful. Because the truth is, dark skin glows like no other.” 

I think we should take Aishu as an example and raise our voices against colourism every chance we get. Women in all parts of our country suffer every day because of either subtle or blatant skin colour discrimination. They are shamed, shunned, called names, given unsolicited opinions and made to feel horrible about themselves. All because society has these unrealistic beauty demands. It’s time people back off and learn to celebrate women of every complexion.

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