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Adult Entertainment Star Mia Khalifa Keeps It Fabulously Real, Says ‘My boobs Are The Same Material As The Spatula In Your Kitchen Drawer’

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As women, we have unrealistic beauty standards unloaded on us from a young age, even by those who claim to be looking out for us. But the funny thing about these beauty standards is that no one seems to escape them. I don’t know a single girl who hasn’t hated the way she looks at some point in her life. Fat girls are asked to lose weight, and skinny girls aren’t curvy enough. The rampant colourism in Indian society has made dark skinned women feel insecure their whole lives. What else can we expect when our films only want fair, thin, and tall female leads to act as an accessory to the hero, and our billboards endorse fairness creams and slimming teas?

If you’re as angry as I am, you should definitely see what Mia Khalifa has to say on the subject. She took to her Instagram to talk about her recent nose job. Plastic surgery has been heavily criticised as a way to further promote unrealistic beauty standards. But the message Mia chose to give out is extremely important.

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In the last paragraph, however, she shared her thoughts on unrealistic beauty standards and comparisons. “P.S. being transparent about this was never a question. Do not idolize the women you see on social media and base your self worth on comparisons that are unrealistic. If you’ve ever looked at my boobs and wished yours looked like that, please remember mine are made out of the same material as the spatula in your kitchen drawer).”

And this isn’t the first time she’s addressed the harmful effects of comparing yourself to women you see in magazines or on social media. She’s talked about stretch marks and rolls and lumps and the use of photoshop. It’s important that someone like Mia Khalifa talk about this because she is in the adult entertainment industry, a place notorious for making women feel like they aren’t good enough. The porn that is dished out is often meant to satisfy the male gaze, which is why the women are treated as mere objects, their bodies used, yes, but also abused. Often, regular porn has women with big breasts, small waists, rounded hips but no cellulite. This is unreal. And that someone like Mia Khalifa should talk about it makes a tremendous difference.

In the heated debate surrounding the subject, there are those who continue to push for these unrealistic expectations from women to look a certain way, and there are those who strongly condemn plastic surgery and want people to love their face and body as it is. But it’s not so black and white. At the end of the day, it boils down to a woman’s choice and agency. No one can criticise her for loving herself as she is, just as no one has a say in whether or not she chooses to change herself. But keeping in mind that what you promote has an impact on more than just yourself, Mia is absolutely right about transparency. We are incredibly proud of her!

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