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Aditi Rao Hydari Opens Up How She Struggled With Anxiety During The Lockdown And We Can All Relate

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India has entered Unlock 2.0 which means the restrictions in the non-containment zones are easing up and the nationwide lockdown is lifting slowly and steadily. That being said, the last couple of months haven’t exactly been a smooth ride.

It is true that being with family, rekindling long-forgotten passions and baking yet another batch of cupcakes have been a few highlights, but being in complete house arrest has been equally frustrating and nerve-racking.

Recently, Aditi Rao Hydari opened up about how the lockdown took a toll on her mental health. She was shooting for a Tamil film in Chennai when her mother called her back home in Hyderabad a couple of days before the lockdown started.

She has been living with her family in Hyderabad for the last three months but it certainly hasn’t been easy for her. She said “I was anxious and swimming in a pool of tears. I missed being on the sets and was feeling frustrated that I couldn’t help people the way I wanted to.”

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We’ve all had moments when we’ve broken down but Aditi is an optimist and she believes in finding something positive in every situation. She said, “Put a tub of muck in front of me and I will find something beautiful in it. So I called my near and dear ones who were equally stressed and helping them out made me feel better.”

She talked about how she made sure she made the most of this time by connecting with her creative side. “In the last eight-nine years, I haven’t been able to give too much time to dance and music. I used to practice Kalari, but then, I stopped. The break gave me time to reconnect with my creative side. I was trying to get fluent in Telugu, my mother tongue. But since I am doing a Tamil film, I started getting confused and had to put that on the back-burner.”

Not only this, she has been spending this time learning new recipes, painting furniture, singing and practicing yoga which she keeps updating her social media fam through her posts. She has been doing a great job kicking anxiety to the curb and we are proud of her.

Aditi Rao Hydari is certainly not the only one who felt this way in the lockdown. TBH, I have also spent hours cursing the global pandemic crying over my eat-sleep-repeat routine too many times, and it’s okay. We all lose it sometimes and have a good, long crying session, but the important thing is to believe that this will eventually pass and you’d be back where you belong. Till then, why not call up your friends who might be feeling the same and spend this time finding your hidden creativity and talents? This time won’t come back (we hope).

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