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Actress Shraddha Srinath Takes A Jibe At Patriarchy In A Congratulatory Wish To Varun Dhawan And Natasha Dalal On Their Wedding

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Thanks to being raised in a society that is knee deep in its patriarchal notions, so much so that my entry in a room full of men would more often than not lead them to think I am there only to serve them with tea and crackers. Admittedly, us women have faced the harsh brunt of sexism all our lives. Whether it is being forced to toe the line, or to not want to pursue higher education, or to have a life beyond our kitchen, society has tried to shove us into various stereotypical boxes. And just one of those many, is to expect us women to leave our work behind after we get married, and devote the rest of our lives in enabling our husbands and serving our in laws.

A perception that even though makes us cringe, is all too prevalent in our society, especially for female actors and working women who have had to compromise on working or doing intimate scenes post marriage. A philosophy that was recently shunned with quite some sass and subtlety by a Tamil Actor, Shraddha Srinath as she wished the happy couple – Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal on their marriage.

Passing her good wishes to the star couple Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal who recently tied the knot in an intimate wedding in Alibaug, Shraddha Srinath’s congratulatory wish went beyond just hoping well for them. It became a classic example of how to take a dig at the patriarchal society we live in, to make people aware of the kind  of sexism women face after getting married.

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Posting their picture on her Instagram story, Shraddha wrote, “Another good actor bites the dust. Sad that we will not see him on screen again. Obviously, his wife and in laws will not be okay with him acting with other heroines. Maybe he will switch to doing male-oriented films? But how to balance personal life and work-life ya. Tough. Will miss him. Congratulations though, Varun.”

Her sarcastic caption that was clearly a jibe at the industry that discriminates against female actors after they get married by writing them off from movies, Shraddha succeeded in getting her message across, for her post went viral on the internet, with several netizens lauding her style.

One user wrote, “want @ShraddhaSrinath to be my best friend because her wit and humour sense is UNMATCHED” while another called it quite a burn, her story was a befitting reply to all the aunties and uncles in the house who go from ‘shaadi kab kar rahe ho’ to ‘Is your husband okay with you working?‘ real quick.

At the same time there were also people who even though understood her point, weren’t too happy with her ways. They wrote things like, “God bless the ppl stanning her for this ! Good that she intend to expose the double standards of entertainment industry but the way she chose to do it is absolutely wrong!”

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