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Actress Kavita Kaushik Gets An Apology From A Troll Who Sent Her Abusive Messages

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The thing about social media, that most people choose to ignore, is that sometimes, it can be very toxic. We’ve all been there. Trolls on Twitter getting offended at every insignificant thing. Men randomly sliding into your DM’s asking to your ‘frand’ on Instagram. It’s just unnecessary and honestly quite dangerous. The fact remains though, cyber-bullying has drastically increased over the last year. Although mainly celebrities bear the brunt of this. People send them DM’s riddled with abuses, threats and even rape threats. The latest celebrity to call out a troll who abused and cyber-bullied her is Kavita Kaushik. She shared screenshots of the troll’s messages and alerted the Delhi Cyber Crime branch. We love the way she handled this!

Kavita took to Instagram stories to name and shame the troll who sent her abusive message. Tagging the Delhi Cyber Crime branch, she schooled the troll by sharing her Instagram handle. She asked her followers to find his page before she files an FIR. After she stood up for herself and threatened to lodge a complaint, the troll was quick to apologise to her. Because of course, only when he is threatened does he realise where he went wrong.

Kavita Kaushik wrote on her Instagram story, “This is a serial offender who breathes vulgarity 24/7. Please catch him and find his family. I would love to show his messages to them! @yogeshdangi_420 is his id! Let’s find him guys before I do a FIR on him.”

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In the following story, she posted the reply she received from the Maharashtra cyber crime department. They said, “We have reported the incident to the concerned team. Necessary action will be taken soon after investigation.” Hopefully, they do look into the matter and shut down this troll before he cyber-bullies someone else.

After calling him out and bring the matter to the police, the troll messaged Kavita asking her to forgive him. He promised he would never do something like this ever again. So, why did he do it in the first place? Before Kavita brought the police into the matter, he didn’t know it was wrong to abuse someone on social media? Maybe, like most trolls, he tried to take advantage of the anonymity provided by social media. People like this really don’t deserve an internet connection.

Sharing a screenshot of his apology, Kavita wrote, “The reality of sher dil men of our country hiding after abusing women! If u just take out some time in your day to Expose them their reality comes out! Bloody 420.”

I am glad that the days of celebrities keeping quiet about such messages are long gone. They way Kavita Kaushik called this troll out and schooled him was exactly what he deserved. Let’s hope the police take appropriate measures to ensure this man gets shut down.

More power to Kavita Kaushik!

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