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Actor Vijay Raaz Speaks Up About The Molestation Charge Against Him, Says He Is The One Feeling Victimised.

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A couple of weeks ago, actor Vijay Raaz was recently accused of molesting a woman on the sets of his new film. Of course, that such a loved actor who has previously floored us with his performances in movies like Delhi Belly and Run, could go on to become one another addition to the long and shameful list of #MeToo accused was kind of shocking but we know now, that’s it’s rarely a matter of how they’re perceived.  But what has got our goat is when he finally chose to spoke about the allegations against him, he was mighty upset about being victimised. Hold on a minute! What?

In an interview with Bombay Times, the actor who went on to address these ‘unverified claims’ , mentioned how most people have come to the conclusion of holding him responsible as a perpetrator, where as in fact, he feels like the biggest victim of the situation right now. He was quoted saying, “I am all for an investigation by the authorities. However, to ostracise me, suspend and terminate my services from my forthcoming films even before any sort of investigation is shocking. I have no words to express. It’s a very dangerous place to be in. I have been working in the film industry for 23 years!”

He went on to say, “My right to earn a livelihood is badly affected. Am I not the victim here? My old father who lives in Delhi also has to face society and so does my young daughter.” The thing is, while Vijay Raaz may be right in feeling ambushed and rattled this one time, by a single accusation against him, we women are wary because we’ve constantly been let down the authorities.

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We as women have in fact grown up in a culture where we aren’t just victimised, but also victim blamed for the crime committed. And so today, when after years of fight, we have come to the point where the word of a woman is finally being taken seriously, then excuse us if it comes at the expense of men feeling victimised for a change. It was only time the tables turned.

However, we do agree with Vijay Raaz when he goes on to talk about how even before a verdict has been reached, his family is being targetted and that is just not acceptable. By dragging his family, his daughter into it, we would only be ever repeating what happened with actress Rhea Chakraborty, when she was publicly humiliated, lynched at, mobbed and defamed by people, well before the court could even finish investigating the matter.

The allegation on Raaz by the woman stated that he had made her feel uncomfortable on the sets of the film Sherni, and had apparently apologised to the woman too. The woman who is reported to have been inconsolable, then went on to file a police complaint. Vijay reacted to the matter and said, “Saying sorry doesn’t always mean that you are wrong. It means you respect someone’s feelings more. I also have responsibilities and I need a job. Mere itney saalon ki mehnat can go down the drain if people jump to conclusions without verifying the claims. This should not be one-sided. Truth prevails but the damage is done.”

The court is yet to take up the matter to find out whether or not Vijay Raaz is guilty of the crime he committed. Until then, he has cooperated for a full investigation into the matter and that we believe, is a good start. At least not another star is getting to walk free, without so much as a police probe.

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