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Abhishek Bachchan And Vivek Oberoi Hug It Out After The Aishwarya Meme Controversy. The World Can Finally Move On Now

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Bollywood has been a lot of things for a lot of people over the years. Revolutionary, experimental, hard-hitting, unforgiving and many a times petty too. For if anyone can teach you how to hold on to a grudge, it has to be Bollywood and its capacity to stretch an enmity for years to come. But looks like there are certain actors that might be bringing in a change when it comes to burying a hatchet. This after actors Abhishek Bachchan and Vivek Oberoi were seen not just being cordial with each other but also hugging it out at a recent felicitation event for badminton prodigy P V Sindhu.

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A tiff that goes way back, perhaps because Vivek Oberoi happens to be more than just a fellow co-star; he is Abhishek’s wife, Aishwarya Rai’s ex boyfriend. The two, who were rumoured to be dating in 2000 during the time of the release of the movie Kyun Ho Gaya Na, had their falling out soon after in 2001. Since then, the two have not been on good terms, having had their share of reservations, especially after Vivek Oberoi went public about how Salman Khan threatened him over his involvement with Aishwarya. A matter that blew up when it came out, but simmered down soon enough, with the three of them parting ways for good, and then everything was buried.

So no one was upsetting the status quo. Up until a while ago, when Vivek Oberoi shared a distasteful meme about the actress and her past relationships. Old wounds were scratched. And neither the internet nor anyone from the fraternity found his ‘hilarious tweet’ anything but offensive.

The tweet that was shared during the time of the Lok Sabha elections was a dig at both his relationship with the actress and that of Salman Khan’s, and that she ultimately ended up marrying Abhishek Bachchan. A meme for which the actor was brutally slammed on the internet by several, for being insensitive and petty. Later, Vivek Oberoi was seen apologising for his tweet saying that it was disrespectful not just to Aishwarya as his ex but also as a woman. The Bachchans maintained a dignified silence around the issue and had no comments to make. That was up until recently when the younger Bachchan ran into Vivek Oberoi and his family at P V Sindhu’s felicitation ceremony. Abhishek was such a sport and greeted and embraced the Oberois. From them meeting each other to the respective families also exchanging warm greetings, things seemed all mellow and under control.

A sight that earlier could only have been dreaded, was rather pleasant to witness, giving the industry and everyone a reason to finally move on from this decade long feud between the two. Guess they say it right, ‘All’s well that end’s well.’

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