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Abhay Deol Shows Us How Male Actors Are Also Subject To Photoshop. We Love The Real Him!

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Bollywood is a lot of things – entertaining, influential, dramatic, nepotistic, and a lot more. But one adjective that often supersedes them all is pretentious. The masked sides that we see of the celebrities being doled out as versions of ‘perfection’ by the society is often a fabrication – a motley mix of the talent of light men, photographers, retouchers and photoshoppers.

It’s not surprising then that the imagery is often the kind that enables and benefits the cosmetic and beauty brands to sell their products. And though we are often willing to suspend disbelief. That 40-year-old ladies don’t have an inkling of a wrinkle, or that a product will make you fair, sometimes it goes too far.  We are talking about the latest post by Abhay Deol, who recently put up a collage on his Instagram sharing a picture before and after it was photoshopped.

That post, shows us, on the left a picture of the actor that has gone under a series of tweaks. And on the right, a bright sun-kissed and unfiltered picture of the actor with the caption, “On the right – the real deal. On the left – the photoshopped fantasy. God bless technology but know the real from the reel!”

The fact that not just women, but even male actors go under a total reformation at the hands of Photoshop apps is a little unsettling. But then again, if beauty is not limited to women, neither are the tools to sell it. From wrinkles to abs, everything is at the beck and call of your fingers, and you don’t even have to work out 6 days a week or stay on Keto for it.

The post was followed by a number of comments that shared how the Dev D actor looks much better in the unfiltered selfie. Yes, there is a noticeable difference of the grey hair, the receding hairline and the slight discolouration, but isn’t that what  attracts us? That even stars are human like us,  imperfections et al?

Guess we have at least one actor willing to keep it real.


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