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AAP Wins Delhi Elections And This Little Boy A.K.A Mini “Mufflerman” Dressed As Arvind Kejriwal Is Winning Hearts

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Internet is a funny place and a lot of times, when you’re at work bored out of your mind, it can send you a little perk-me-up. You never know when you bump into a great source of entertainment and today, it’s not even a meme. You’d be yawning and aimlessly scrolling through your social media, taking screenshots of quotes that you can use in times of need and land up on content that’s worth reposting/retweeting. And oh boy, I did! As counting began for Delhi election this morning, Aam Aadmi Party tweeted a picture of a young boy dressed up as a mini Mr Kejriwal, who turned up in his support of, well, Kejriwal senior.

The young boy looked cute with an AAP cap, a moustache painted on his face, a maroon sweater and the famous muffler. Arvind Kejriwal’s mufflers have been a subject of several memes and his winter look is kinda incomplete without it. This little boy made is seen sporting this signature accessory when pulling off a Kejriwal!

The political party shared the picture of this little boy with the caption “mufflerman”. According to the book India Social by Ankit Lal, Mr Kejriwal was given this nickname by people with an intention of mocking his chronic cough and the muffler he always had on. The man can feel cold, I mean, he lives in Delhi after all! But Arvind Kejriwal seems to have taken it in his stride and is owning it as part of his style.

The ‘mini mufflerman’ was literally the highlight of the day as he could be seen playing with a balloon and yawning. The picture broke the internet and just within a short span of time got more than 19k likes and 2700 retweets.

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Arvind Kejriwal is contesting for a third term from the New Delhi Assembly constituency and has Sunil Yadav of the BJP and Romesh Sabharwal of the Congress as competition.

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