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A Woman Surprised Her Fiance On His Birthday By Having 76 Families Sing Happy Birthday For Him From Their Balconies During Quarantine

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Love makes you do a lot of things you normally wouldn’t. Some say it makes you blind, others say it makes you jump mountains and the rest say it makes you come alive. But one thing that almost everyone agrees is that love, despite everything, makes you smile. Be it in grand gestures or in remembering the little things, it is the one emotion that takes precedence over everything and makes your heart flutter. As it did ours, when we saw a woman managing to make her fiance’s birthday all so special even in conditions of being stuck in quarantine.

Hannah Chung, a professional photographer and fiance to Jason Shields wasn’t going to let her man’s 30th birthday go by in a quiet quarantine, and so she came up with the most thoughtful and creative way of making the day special for Jason. Preparing for it much before the birthday arrived, Hannah Chung while keeping the social distancing in mind, still thought of a way where she had over 76 families staying in their complex singing ‘Happy Birthday’ for her fiance on his special day.

Dropping hand written notes under the doors of all the families living in their complex, with details about time, place, and the task, Hannah managed to pull off a birthday present that had all of us going teary-eyed. What’s cute is that all the people responded with equal compassion to be part of the celebration, and Chung convinced her fiance to move to the building’s hallway with her to get some sun, and had him feeling stunned instead.

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Captured on a video that is as wholesome as it is hopeful for others braving through this quarantine, Hannah proved that nothing is quite impossible, if done with tact, caution and a little bit of love. Appreciated not just by Joseph, who must really thank his stars for a fiance who went an extra mile to make him smile, but also by netizens, she was also celebrated for being so thoughtful.

A video that was earlier put up by Hannah, and then by Joseph too, had users dropping comments like “You are soooo amaziiingg! I am teary-eyed now”, “This is such an amazing birthday gift” and other things like, “You’re amazing thank you for putting a smile on our faces we needed it,” and we do agree. The entire thing is may have happened in another part of the world, but it was enough to make us smile and give us a moment of joy in these dull times.

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