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A Woman Retailer From Thailand Dresses Up As A Zombie To Sell Dead People’s Clothes Online. Boo-ckle Up Guys, It’s A Scary Story!

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When we entered this year 2020, little did we know that by the end of this one, we would be able to say ‘we saw it all’. From watching mere virus force people into their homes, to standing witness to what has been the most unpredictable year of my lifetime  – with volcanoes erupting, cyclones hitting cities out of the blue, earthquakes shaking us up every few days and the goddamn economies crashing down, this is the year in which there is hardly anything that surprises us anymore. Or so I thought up until I came across the news of this Thai woman dressing up as a zombie to sell dead people’ clothes.

Proving us and our collected experiences this year, wrong, a Thai woman named Kanittha Thongnak has shocked and surprised us with her unique online business that involves dressing up as a zombie to sell the clothes of dead people in sales streamed live on social media. Yes guys, apparently there is market and audience for everything in this world, even the belongings of the dead.

Owing to the rather quirky and spooky theme of business, the woman saw quite a jump in her online numbers once she appeared  in scary makeup to sell the clothes. Cashing in on this development, she then decided to transform herself into a zombie with the help of some make-up, sometimes even taking 3 whole hours before she was ready to go to her live session.

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During these sessions, Kanittha tells her buyers exactly how the owners of each item died, and attempts to make a sale out of their solemn dying stories. And while we are still making our peace with just the idea of someone selling clothes of a dead person, there is a woman out there involving theatrics to rake up the prices.

Telling Reuters about it she said, “All the clothes belong to dead people who died from different causes. Since I started to wear scary make-up, the audience increased to five or six thousand.” Sharing how she first got the idea while she was attending a funeral and saw the clothes of the deceased burned in accordance with the tradition, she is willing to admit she got inspired in a rather strange manner. She then started buying the clothes from the funeral directors after monks are done giving prayers for the dead. Whatever money she makes from the business, she donates a part of it to Buddhist temples.

Considering this is a market most enjoyed by horror movie fans, Kanittha shared how she also makes handmade scary-themed items, including zombie dolls which also make for a great sale. “It depends on customers whether they want to buy the clothes or not. If they want to buy, they will buy it and they don’t get scared,” she said. And while that may be true, for the faint hearted, this is probably a market we best steer clear from. Lest, we want to be troubled by a ghost with separation anxiety from his favourite pullover!

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