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In MP, A Woman Agreed To Let Her Husband Marry His Lover In Exchange Of 1.5 Crores. Real Life Judaai Situation!

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If there were to be an anthem made for the year 2020, it’s chorus would definitely either start or end with lines that would say – anything could happen, because it really could. And seems like, basking in the ripple effect of that unpredictability is the starting of the year 2021, where we continue to see about anything happen. For instance, a woman agreeing to let her husband marry his lover, in exchange of a whopping 1.5 crores. Wait, what?

Startling us equally with this unanticipated transaction,  a married woman is now richer and without a cheating husband.A woman in Madhya Pradesh has agreed to divorce her cheating husband and even give him a green signal to marry his lover, for a simple exchange of a crore and a half. And if you’re a 90s kid, you’d already be playing the Judaai title track in the background.

Strikingly similar to the concept of the 1997 movie Judaai, where Anil Kapoor was married to Sridevi, who in lust for money pushes her husband to marry the daughter of a rich boss. Except in this case, the woman didn’t have push the man to have an affair, but was seen trying to make the best of the situation.

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The case was brought to light after a minor filed a complaint with the court about her father being involved in an extra marital affair with one of his colleagues. Turns out that the minor had witnessed the parents fight and bicker about the matter, often turning into big ugly fights. Her concern was not being able to have a peaceful environment at home which was further making it very harder for her sister to concentrate on her education.

After the complaint was filed, the troubled couple was then called for counselling, during which it was established that the man had indeed been having an affair with  a colleague who was older than him and was in the interest of leaving his wife to start fresh with the colleague. The wife however, had different plans.

Not willing to settle for being left high and dry, after several sessions of counselling, the two came to decision where the woman agreed to divorce the guy only on the condition of being paid 27 lakhs along with being allowed to keep the apartment. Hoping to secure her daughters future with the decision, the woman insisted that she did not want to live with someone she did not love even after several years of marriage.

The cost of cheating on your partner has always been high, turns out for this guy it was a whopping 1.5 crores!

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